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8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station | I Try it Before You Buy it! 🕺

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8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station

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8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station – A few weeks ago, I did a first look video at the Ecoflow R600 in R600 max, and in that video, I promised that eventually, I would plug a bunch of different appliances into it, to see what it could power, and what it couldn’t.

8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station | I Try it Before You Buy it! 🕺
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RIVER 600 And Extra Battery BundleRIVER 600 And 110W Solar Panel
8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600 Power Station

8 Appliances Tested on EcoFlow R600

So in this video, I’ve prepared a bucket of different appliances. I have some other appliances around the house, that I could probably scrounge up, and so the premise of the video is going to be super simple, and straightforward. I’m going to plug a bunch of different things into this battery to see what happens, but first, before I do that, I want to do a little rant.

EcoFlow, I use it all the time, I love that thing, and I have faith that when this thing which is still a pre-production, pre-production model, when the actual batteries hit the market, they’re gonna be much better in fact my hope is that when I go and test all of this stuff and see you know the batteries limitations.

RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

The base-level River 600 generator from EcoFlow is an efficient piece of kit, charging anything you need. It has a discreet design, requires no upkeep, and is noiseless and lightweight.


1. Water Heater

The first test, I’m going to do is coffee. It’s the afternoon, I’m ready for a cup of coffee. So, let’s just boil some water, let’s see if this thing can handle the load. So, in the back here are the plugs, we’re gonna stick my water heater here, press the on and off,  and then we’re gonna press this button, and I’ll show you that, there’s no funny business, see here’s, that it’s plugged in there,  and we’ll hit that, and then we’ll hit that, let’s see if it’ll work.

Look at this output, about 600 watts, everything seems to be working, the fan is loud but not crazy loud, and now we just have to wait a couple of minutes to see if this thing will boil. Something’s happening, I should mention that the battery started at a hundred percent charge, and I’m gonna try, and do all of these tests on one chart. So I’m not going to stop to recharge at any point, and should I have to, then I’ll make note of it.

In this video, I can’t tell if the teakettle is working, or if it’s just the fan, look at that, it’s literally just eating battery life at this rate. There’s no way that I’m going to conduct all these tests on one charge, luckily this R600 charges from zero to 80% in about an hour.

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So, that’s positive, in the meantime, let’s get the coffee ready, today I’ll be drinking Griffin Creek Roasters. I can’t believe how much battery it’s eating, so over half of the capacity of the Ecoflow R 600 with the max expansion pack has been eaten by that thing.

This better be one good cup of coffee, you know if you’re living the van life, and you have one of these, I don’t know do you want to spend half over half of its charge on a beverage, that’s a question to you, I don’t know if you can see that, but that is legitimate steam water is boiled that used over 60% about 62% of its capacity to boil some water.

It’s still running at 600 watts, that’s the output, and this better be one good cup of coffee. Alright, I’m gonna call that good.  Okay, boom everything stops, so now that the water is hot. Let’s connect the coffee grinder, and we got more plugs. So, we’ll just kind of do that. Let me go hands-free real quick, that should be about right, still no funny business, everything is plugged into this machine.

RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

RIVER 600 And 110W Solar Panel Bundle

Stay off the grid with EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel. Made up of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, it can recharge portable power stations and your electric devices.


Here we go, 129, why looks like ground coffee to me, so both those tests were successful. Now, that I’m caffeinated, and can work, let’s do some crazier tests.

Just watch the video 🙂

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