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Charging an Ecoflow Delta in 2 or less hrs from our two 200W Solar Blankets


Charging an Ecoflow Delta with 2 solar panels

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Charging an Ecoflow Delta with 2 solar panels – I’m just going to show you, how we connect our two 200 watt solar blankets in series. This would be the same with our 120-watt solar blankets as well, for use with the EcoFlow delta or any of the Bluetti power stations.

Charging an Ecoflow Delta in 2 or less hrs from our two 200W Solar Blankets
Charging an Ecoflow Delta with 2 solar panels
Charging an Ecoflow Delta with 2 solar panels
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Charging an Ecoflow Delta with 2 solar panels

So, what we have here, and I’m going to come a little closer to the screen. This is our series cables and Amex military. We had a term called a kiss, keep it simple stupid, that’s how we try to do all of our product here. Give you an idea of the two solar inputs, they’re labeled, you can’t put the wrong ones in, and actually make a mistake, and do damage to the solar, or to the generator.

Then we have our output which is right here, so the way it works is, you connect the solar first, which I’m going to do right here. I’ll show you, then I connect the output and these solar blankets. They are rated at 200 watts apiece and 10 amp, there we go, we’ve connected those. We’ve got our output and I’m connecting that to our mc4 cable which is already connected to the EcoFlow delta cable.

I’m just going to plug that guy in there, and by using a series cable, what that allows you to do is, it allows you to make sure. I’m not stepping on, it allows you to double up the voltage, as opposed to using a parallel cable, which allows you to double up the amperage, but based on the delta generators, and the Bluetti like their EB240, or EB150.

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They’ve designed them, so they’re now bridging 10 amps for going in, and literally, 300 watts, 298 watts going in, and the way with these two 200 watt solar blankets. This will charge in two or fewer hours that’s how effective this is, and right now, we do have a few clouds. That is affecting it for the most part pretty good stuff, but the big cost of our small blankets is the efficiency rating.

So, what that allows for is our 400 watts of solar combined can charge this device to 100 in two hours.  There’s not a lot of solar on the market that can do that based on these specifications. Traditionally, you would need a lot more solar to be able to charge that quickly. I believe even on their website, they’re indicating, I believe they have 110 Watt panels.

That it’ll take four no five to eight hours with four of their 110-watt solar panels which is a total of 440 watts as opposed to 400 watts like right now.

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Now, we’ve got I just saw 310 watts going in, and we’ve already gone up two percentages as well too. So,  efficiency rating the other is low light conditions, if we have cloudy conditions, if we have a bit of rain,  snow, heavy snow for fires our solar blankets will still work for you.

They will definitely still charge your devices, not at the same amount of power, but they will charge. I’m just going to unplug this guy, and I’m just going to show you, one thing here. I’ll fold up the ones solar blanket just to show you stuff, that’s how compact it is.

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It’s 13.6 pounds holds up, literally, to the size of a laptop, and then the other bonus is, we have a quick charge on the backs. We have two high-speed USB charging devices for charging ports, and then USB type-c. The reason that’s important is, that’s the new industry standard, a lot of the new laptops, the MacBooks, a lot of the new iPhones, my Nike’s, my galaxy Samsung s10 plus, it charges from USB-C.

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