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Ultimate Backup Power for Grid Outages Etc. - Ecoflow Delta 1300 Review & Test


Delta 1300 Ultimate Backup Power for Grid Outages

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Delta 1300 Ultimate Backup Power for Grid Outages – I have been looking forward to making this review. You might have heard me talking about it in some of my previous videos, but it is here, it is finally. What is this big hunk of love, right here, you may have seen in one of my other videos.

Ultimate Backup Power for Grid Outages Etc. – Ecoflow Delta 1300 Review & Test
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EF Delta Ultimate BackUp
Delta 1300 Ultimate Backup PowerDelta 1300 Ultimate Backup Power
DELTA 1300 Packages + 1x 110W Solar PanelDELTA 1300 Packages 2x 110W Solar Panel

Delta 1300 Ultimate Backup Power for Grid Outages

I had that little power cell that charges your phone if your phone runs out of batteries, you’re on the go,  or don’t have access to power. This thing, in a nutshell, is basically a power cell amped up to the max. So,  why the power cell man? Why? that’s so random, why no it’s not random.

This is actually super smart think of it, like this have ever been in this scenario, working at your computer, or heck, you’re just playing on your computer, playing a video game, whatever power goes out, and the house is dark.

We need to get the generator out, and he’s like all right, come on, we go to the garage. You know, we’re pulling the generator out, the gas is like sludge in there, hold on we got to clean the carburetor out. Let’s try to start up, but meanwhile, the neighbors looking out the window, like what the heck man.

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The power’s only been out for 10 minutes. You already starting up the gas power generator, you know what I’m saying, and it’s just like the lights in the house are flickering, like this, you know what I mean, so rather than having that gas generator making all that noise.

That weighs about 200 pounds, that’s stored in the garage to start up. You know when the power goes out, you got this sucker right here, and you can just plug in your appliances, right into this thing, right when you need it, a lot less noise in that gas power generator. A lot more portable, a lot less messy, a lot more efficient.

Delta 1300 Overview

So, according to the specs, this is the US version. You can get the international version if you know your overseas international because our plug outlets are different. On this side, you have the AC outputs,  where we can plug in our appliances.

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I believe, 120-volt appliances says 1800 watt on the box. It also says 3.300 watt total, whatever that means, I’m not an electrical engineer. I didn’t take the time to look all this stuff up, we’re just gonna start plugging things in, and see if they work, that’s how we do things over here.

Okay, on the other side, we have USB ports, and we have fast charge USB ports USB C ports, LCD screen that when we turn it on, will tell us the stat of this machine. How much is being inputted, how much is being outputted, how much charge is left? She weighs 30 pounds, nice solid handles, nothing rattling,  nothing wobbling around.

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Can it power some big appliances? Can it power what’s necessary for a power outage scenario, or if you want to be like tom Haverford and parks, and rec you know when you go camping, and just power all your appliances up?

Watch the video to find out 🙂

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EF Delta Additional Info

Net Weight30.9lbs (14kg)
Dimension15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)
Charge Temperature32-113°F (0-45°C)
Discharge Temperature-4-140°F (-20-60°C)
ColorGray & Black
Warranty24 months


Charge MethodAC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel
Full Recharge Time


  • 1.6 hours (AC)
  • 10-12 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
  • 4 Hours (Using 4x110W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun)
Battery Info
Cell ChemistryLithium-ion
Shelf Life1 year (after fully charged)
Life Span800 Cycles (80%)
Management Systems



  • BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection,
  • Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection
  • Low-Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection,
  • Overcurrent Protection
Testing and certificationUL CE FCC RoHS PSE
Cell Type18650

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DELTA 1300 Power Station
DELTA 1300 Power Station
Price: $1,399.00
DELTA 1300 Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, you can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever.

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