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EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Supply vs. 7-Cubic Foot Chest Freezer | How Long Can it Run it?


EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Freezer

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EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Freezer – The Eco flow Delta is a solar generator or power bank some people don’t like the term solar generator,  they think it’s ingenuine. How this thing stacks up against a refrigerator or a freezer? So, I heard your questions and this is exactly what I’m gonna do in this video.

EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Supply vs. 7-Cubic Foot Chest Freezer | How Long Can it Run it?
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EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Freezer

First things, I just want to point out that this thing is charged at a hundred percent the freezer. I’m gonna be working with today is a 7-cubic Foot Chest Freezer rigid air came with a little bit of paperwork. It looks like this fridge uses about 250 kilowatt-hours.

A little bit more specs on this fridge, I might just blow this up take a picture of it, and post it in this video somewhere. So, that you guys can pause the video, and take a nice good look if you don’t want to do that, let me just quickly tell you that.

The wattage of this freezer is a hundred and thirty watts running amperage is one point 4 or 5 amps, and a base voltage appears to be about 115 volts 127 volts max. So, those are the specs. I’m not gonna get super scientific about this experiment.

How Long EcoFlow Delta Run Freezer

I’m just gonna plug the freezer into the Ecoflow Delta, set a timer, set a time-lapse. So, I don’t have to be here all day, and then we’re gonna see how long this thing can power that thing. All right, let’s just do this real quick the freezer around, and show you that the cord is indeed plugged into the freezer.

It’s not plugged into anything, so there’s no funny business going around. Let’s go ahead, and plug that in here. Now, we’re gonna turn this thing on, boom 100%, and somewhere around here actually. Let’s see if it works.

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First the cold or coldest Test

Let’s try the coldest power, well, we got power. So, it’s a freezer, it’s supposed to freeze stuff, not refrigerate stuff. I’m just gonna set it to coldest, it’s looking like it’s using about here. I’ll show you that’s set to coldest looks like it might be able to run for about 12 hours because it’s using about 94 – 95 watts.

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This is gonna be a long time-lapse, okay, so this experiment is gonna be super simple. I have the fridge on the Left, I have the Ecoflow right there, and above it, I have a little clock. It’s currently 3.28 p.m. and I’m gonna just start everything.

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See, everything is running. It’s making some noise, isn’t it? Okay, power is on and I’m just gonna set a time-lapse and we’ll see how long this thing goes based on that clock. All right, let’s do this.

All right, let’s check in on this thing. It is now almost 6:30 in the morning. This thing has lasted way longer than I thought. I thought maybe it would last like an hour and 40 minutes maybe 3 hours, but I started at roughly 3:30 p.m. and now it’s almost 6:30 a.m.

So, what is that like 15 hours? I’d also like to point out that whereas where the Ecoflow Delta started out really loud, the fan kicked on, and it was pretty loud in the beginning. The fan quieted down, and what I think, I attribute that to is that initially to get a freezer cold.

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It’s using more wattage, so, the fan kicks in. It’s doing its job, but once it gets up to freezing temperature then this thing doesn’t sound very loud at all. And as you can see, there’s still about 12 percent remaining, so 15 hours a little juice still in the tank, but if that’s really good, I mean, you know, if you’re storing a bunch of food, and the power goes out then you have that as a backup.

It gives you almost an extra day as a reserve. One more thing, just to show you that it’s actually freezing. I throw a banana because I didn’t have a temperature gauge at this point. The banana is frozen solid.

Review Summary

I’m gonna call it. It’s not good to run these things all the way to zero, and really I should have stopped it at about 20 percent. That’ll keep the battery functioning the longest, but since I feel obligated to show you how long it will go.

I’m willing to push it a little bit, so, once again the time is now 7 ¼ a.m. It’s been 15 and a half hours. The battery is 9% left in it. And, I guess that’s the end of the video, 15 and a half hours is huge. I expected it to go to 3 hours maxes, like 15 and a half.

I feel like that’s incredible and it makes this thing even more valuable too. I’m curious to know what you think though so leave me a comment below, let me know your thoughts. Did this then do well? Did it exceed all your expectations? Or do you feel like it should have gone longer? Leave me a comment below.

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