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EcoFlow R600 & R600 Max First Look | New Expandable/Modular Portable Power Stations ⚡️

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Reviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max First Look

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Reviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max First Look – This thing is not very light. I put this portable power supply through a series of tests. I tried to determine if it was worth, its price tag by seeing if it could power things like hairdryers, coffee grinders. I did a tea kettle, and I also ran a few different Vitamix models.

EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max First Look | New Expandable/Modular Portable Power Stations ⚡️
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Reviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 MaxReviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max
RIVER 600 Portable Power StationRIVER 600 Max

Reviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max First Look

This spring, I also wanted to find out how long this thing could power a chest freezer. So, that if the power ever turned off and your freezer was full of food, could you plug it into this thing? And how much time would that give you, so all that works?

I’m not really gonna digress too much there, but I will say that I’m thoroughly impressed with this product the Ecoflow. People did an amazing job, and the market rewarded them greatly because when they launched this product last fall, they raised almost three million bucks on Kickstarter out the gate just like that. So, congrats Ecoflow and thank you for your ingenuity

In today’s video, I have another exciting announcement. Well, the fine folks over at ecoflow have a brand new product, and they were kind enough to send me a promo copy. So, I could put my dirty paws all over it, and give you guys a preview too.

I want to do exactly that I want to open the box which has been sitting in my house for two entire days,  and I’ve been trying very hard not to open it because I wanted to do it on camera. And I want to bust into this package with you, discuss some very surface-level things because truth is told, I don’t really know that much about this battery. But, I do understand that it’s got some top-notch, new features in it.

EcoFlow R600

So without further ado, I’m gonna jump right in, and hopefully, this would be a good video. You know for those that care the packaging is very sleek, it’s kind of resembling something. There are some general specs here on the back, so it weighs 11 pounds, the capacity of this battery is 288 watt-hours. That’s how much energy it’s capable of storing.

The AC output is 600 watts with surges up to 1200 watts. That’s pretty impressive, and then it’s got a bunch of other stuff that I’m not going to talk about, because I’d rather show you. So, let’s bust into this.  We got some materials that I might read later, I presume that’s a charger and the guts.

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Check out this thing all right. Okay, so on the front of this battery, you see the same great LCD screen as on the Ecoflow Delta. Let’s just power it out, power it on real quick. It says input wattage, the output you got, how charged it is, percentage capacity, and then you have your run time in hours. That’s really cool.

Best Seller

Reviews EcoFlow R600 And R600 Max First Look
RIVER 600 And Extra Battery Bundle
Price: $549.00
RIVER 600 And Extra Battery Bundle – Compact and portable, EcoFlow RIVER 600 Series is an ideal recreational power that gives you accessibility to handy wall outlets. RIVER 600 is the perfect companion for camping, Overlanding, tailgating, boating, etc.

You also have a USB C port, this is a 100-watt fast charger, then you have 3 USB A ports, one of which is fast charging, you got your little cigarette lighter over here on the right, and then you got to DC ports.  Something that’s new, that’s brand new, that I’ve never seen before. This little light, so should your power ever go out, and you have one of these units, and you know exactly where it is.

You can walk through your house blind, and then know that this thing has a flashlight, and then you’ll be able to kind of shine it out into the void, and see what’s going on. This has a low and a high setting, and that’s kind of cool, and it also looks like. It has an SOS setting, so if you happen to find yourself stranded on a deserted island with one of these things, you can flash this thing into the sky at night, and hopefully, a helicopter or a boat will come to pick you up.

Let’s turn that off, so the fan doesn’t kick on and ruin, our audio on the left side of this battery. We have how you charge it, we have a surge protector. This is essentially like a circuit breaker. This is where you plug-in solar panels. The back is just bare, there’s some branding. We’ve got some more specs on the bottom, some heavy-duty rubberized feet, and on the right side, we have 3 wall outlets with AC power.

Just watch the video 🙂

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