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UNBOXING NEW EcoFlow Delta 1300 and Solar Panel | Vanlife Solar Power |


UNBOXING EcoFlow Delta 1300 and Solar Panel

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UNBOXING EcoFlow Delta 1300 and Solar Panel – They got their start on Kickstarter, and have fulfilled many orders and millions of dollars of backing. This is the EcoFlow solar generator and solar panel that box right. There is a solar generator in this tall thin one, over here is the solar panel.

UNBOXING NEW EcoFlow Delta 1300 and Solar Panel | Vanlife Solar Power |
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EcoFlow Delta Packages
UNBOXING NEW EcoFlow Delta 1300UNBOXING NEW EcoFlow Delta 1300
DELTA 1300 Packages + 1x 110W Solar PanelDELTA 1300 Packages 2x 110W Solar Panel

UNBOXING EcoFlow Delta 1300 and Solar Panel

I have pre-opened these boxes, so, I don’t have to fiddle around with a razor blade or ripping tape open or anything like that. So, I’m gonna start cracking open the boxes to these EcoFlow products right now.

Unboxing EcoFlow Delta

I’m gonna start with the solar generator. It’s a very discrete packaging on the outside. So, you can’t really see what it is and it has a box within a box, if you like that foot technique, let’s that’s how the pros do an unboxing.

So, that’s just an empty box the EcoFlow Delta. This is a very powerful unit, has the specifications right here. It’s 30 pounds point nine ounces, 15 inches wide 8 inches long, and 10 inches deep. Capacity is one thousand eight one hours at fifty point four volts.

It has a 1600 watt power inverter. The thing that really caught my eye about this product is, their claim that it can charge extremely fast. This has an MPPT controller and can take a lot of input, a lot of watts of solar energy going into it.

Open up the top here, you have the warranty information, and a Quick Start Guide, who needs that pull-out fun, and these plates. People really put something into this here. The generator right here set this aside. Okay so, this is the EcoFlow Delta.

Inside The Box

DELTA 1300X 1
3.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging CableX 1
1.5m AC Charging CableX 1
1.5m Car Charging CableX 1
User ManualX 1

The really cool carrying case got this top, the flops open free spring technology. This has a very unique kind of like a little bit of marble, look at the plastic, it lets you know that it’s used being made using a free spring non-toxic pollution-free.

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That’s how they produce the plastics, here take this case up on the side. There are six plug outputs and the car outlet and on this side has the control panel USB-C, and your power buttons. This thing seems to be made really nice. It doesn’t have rubber feet, each side has an entire jeez, each side has an entire rubber bottom.

So the whole side on both ends is afoot. It’s made really solid, it is compact, it’s pretty little. This is much about the same size as one of those small coolers that you would use for a six-pack of beer, like a Coleman a little cooler, but there’s not much to see here comes with two boxes.

I just emptied all containing products here. This is your charge, this is your solar panel wires that go into the unit, and this is a power adapter for going into the wall, and see what’s in here is one sealed, good like rubber weird. It’s hard to get open, okay so, and here we have a car adapter for a cigarette-style input. I believe that should be, it for the contents of this box, other stuff away.

Anyways, let’s go ahead, and power this on. Take a look, and see what it looks like. Okay, we’re at thirty percent right now, and here it says 99 hours that means there’s no draw pretty much. This actually gives you a little projection of, how long the power left in the battery will last, depending on whatever you got plugged into it to charge it, or charging from it.

I should say this is your DC power on. This will turn these USBs on, and also this guy in the back, the car adapter output is now on, then on the front side are, on the backside here. Now, the invader murder is on, you can hear a small cooling fan that’s running in here, and it is pretty quiet, then over on this side,  you’ll have your power plug.

And it has the charger built into this. You don’t need a separate block, you know, a lot of these things come with a block similar to a laptop, that comes from the wall goes to a block, and then a cord times from that into your unit. This just has a power cord that goes directly into them, into the unit. The charger is built inside, then there’s your solar panel, or your cigarette output, car adapter on its own special little panel.

So, I’m gonna power everything down right now, and turn off the back, and turn off the master, and that’s it. It doesn’t look like much when you don’t hook up anything to it, but the amount of power that comes out of this thing is pretty amazing.

DELTA 1300 Packages + 1x 110W Solar Panel
DELTA 1300 Packages + 1x 110W Solar Panel
Price: $1,748.00
DELTA 1300 Packages – Stay off the grid with EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel Charger. Made up of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, it can recharge DELTA and your electric devices, and keep your equipment running without interruption when connected to our portable power station.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Panel

Next, I’m going to open the EcoFlow solar panel. This is a 110 watts monocrystalline solar panel. That is a portable fold-out on-demand panel. It’s a hundred and ten watts with 21 volts, it looks like may even have USBs on it, or USB-C to charge directly from it, but this is really quite nice looking. It looks like executive luggage or something like that, take these, there this pizza, so that is the solar panel.

Let’s get it unzipped here, and looks like, that’s you can have nice touches on it as you zip away this zipper. It reveals this teal color, that is not visible when it zipped up, just a nice little detail.

Okay, it’s just the case, but the panel itself has the same type of fabric finish to it. It feels really strong. Let’s give it a fold-out, and see what it looks like.

This is a 4 fold panel. It’s got your outputs right here, it’s very basic. I mean, this looks extremely weatherproof, and there is no app, there’s no USBs or any digital things. This looks like, it’s completely weatherproof. I don’t have an issue keeping this outside in the rain, so that’s a good thing.

I mean, overall just from the look of these products, I gotta say they are very impressive. I can’t wait to put a load on, one start charging them, and see what they can actually do, because it’s pretty impressive.

Unfolded Dimensions20.2*62.5*0.8 in (51.4*158*2.0 cm)
Folded Dimensions20.2*16.5*0.8 in (51.4*42*2.0 cm)
Weight13.2 lb(6KG) Solar Panel 8.8lb (4KG)
Warranty12 Months
Rated Power110W(+/-5W)*
MC4 Solar Port to XT6080V(max), up to 10A (max)
Open Circuit Voltage21.7V(Vmp18.5V)
Short Circuit Current6.3A(Imp 6.0A)
Cell TypeMonocrystalline Silicon
ChainableYes, EF DELTA up to 400W, RIVER 370 only one each port

Review Summary

UNBOXING EcoFlow Delta 1300 – So, just from unboxing these, I can really see the quality of the work that has gone into these. They seem very well built, and I can’t wait to get a load, put on them, and start using them, charging them, and discharging them to see exactly how they perform.

I would love to see how quickly this thing charges, to me, is the downside of most solar generators is,  they don’t charge fast enough, no matter what you’re doing, if you have a solar panel running into it, a plug from the wall, or a car adapter.

They just don’t charge fast enough to keep up with my demand for life. If it was my only source of energy, it just wouldn’t be enough, but this thing has a lot of power, and I kind of have some high hopes that this might be able to keep up with my lifestyle.

We’ll see, I’m gonna start testing them very soon. I’m gonna go take this outside, and hook it up the solar panel to the solar controller, and just see, what it brings in right now. One nice thing about this company is, the little details they put velcro wire ties on all of their wires that they include with. That’s pretty cool, look at that, I can carry all of it in one hand and open doors.

So, that’s it that’s the unboxing of the EcoFlow solar generator system. I hope you enjoyed it.

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