ALLPOWERS S700 Review: A Comprehensive Analysis of This Solar Power Bank

ALLPOWERS S700 Review – So today we have a solar generator review. It is the s 700’s, a 700 watts solar generator. What’s different about this one? It is a small design that is actually designed to be traveled with, especially with camping and things like that, is lightweight and also comes with this old solar panel.


So we got a mocked-up campsite out here in the back part of the property. We’ve been out here for a day. We’ll kind of show you guys what this is capable of. We’re gonna hook up the SOV and everything. I’m gonna go and we’re gonna be running around here at the campsite.

So, as I said, it is lightweight and is actually very small. This is a 700 watts solar generator with a 1400 watts peak surge. That’s quite a lot of power and a lot you can handle for being this small now. This thing has 606 total watt-hours of storage. Now what we also have that came with this. Is a collapsible foldable solar panel.

Now, when you’re going to get this thing set up. Get all of our cables out. All right, so we’ve got barrel plug adapters. We have an MC4 connector with an Anderson adapter that goes into the solar generator and we’ve got a direct barrel plug with MC4 connectors.

So, with our two sets of cables for the MC4 connector, we have a barrel plug and we also have the Anderson plug. Both of these will work for our input on the solar generator, and both for the barrel plug or the Anderson connection. Now, we have two AC outlets up top. We spend this over on the side.

We have USB ports for our cell phones other things some flashlights. Use USB to recharge everything and also has a DC output. Now, on the front side, there are 110 outlets, and there are two of them. We have a DC turn-on switch, an AC turn-on switch, the flash, the lights are these little orange strips right here.

We have a Bluetooth switch now. The Bluetooth switch allows you to link a Bluetooth on your Cell phone, so you can actually monitor away from camp or whatever. So, you’re not having to actually go look at everything. You just pull up your cell phone and you will see what’s going on with the solar generator.


ALLPOWERS S700 Performances

So, it’s going to get everything plugged up with the solar panels, and like I said you just plug it directly into the Anderson or
the barrel plug. Okay, so I’m going to set the barrel plug one up. We’re going to use the Anderson connector for ours this time around me. The one works just fine. Now, inside your flap, you got two cables coming out. These are your MC4 connectors from the solar panel. So we’ll plug these in. And before we plug up everything on the solar generator, when opening this up, get it extended.

Solar Panels

Now, on the solar panel. You’ve got these stands. So I’ve got this upside down. I’m going to flip it around. We’ll pull out the flaps, get this in position and we are going to get tangled up on the mix wire. We’ve got a cable for our solar generator. I’m going to go and plug this in.  Make sure everything is working and yes, we are charging now.

I’m standing in front of the solar panel now. So, it dropped down to 15 watts. This is a 100 watts solar panel. Let’s just fully open there. Let me get out of the way of the Sun, and we would check what we’ve got going on here, 22 watts, 30 watts, 37 watts, 45 watts, 53 watts, 61 watts, 68 watts, and 75 watts.

Again this is a 100 watts solar panel. So, currently at the angle. I’ve got 70 – 73 watts of charge going in from this 100 watts solar panel to the solar generator. That’s actually pretty good. You can actually manipulate the angle. Getting a better angle, the more power, and also depends on the time of year when you’re using solar.

It is wintertime right now. So very awesome, very simple, easy to do, and very compact. Again just fold it up, set it down, and unhook it here. Now, I’m just gonna keep the cables together because that’s gonna be the cable I’m gonna use anyway. So, it is take everything and loop it around and that is packed and ready to go.


Charging Devices

So let’s go ahead and hook up the computer. Now, we got a laptop here. We got one of our flashlights that way we can recharge this flashlight for tonight. Go ahead grab the solar generator. As I said, this lightweight doesn’t weigh much at all. With the flashlight, we’re gonna be using the USB ports on the side with a laptop. We’re gonna be using the AC ports. So, what I’m gonna do I’m gonna move my grill and get everything set up.

Alright, so we got our sea adapter. We’re gonna plug into the USB ports DC. Just hit the DC it lights up green here light a little beep. I’m gonna plug this up. I can get the cable, and we are currently charging our flashlight now. Let’s go ahead and get our laptop. Got the laptop brick. I’m gonna go and plug in one, and turn on our AC. Okay, so our power and our fan are kicked on. We are currently running.

We are using currently three watts. I’m watching the dial right now, 24 watts 34 watts now. This thing does have a timer on the left-hand side. Says we got seven hours of runtime currently for the laptop. So, let’s go ahead and get this started.

All right! So, all in all, like I said this thing’s lightweight. You know if your truck is camping or something like that awesome. Trying to carry this in a backpack with gear and also the solar panel it’s doable. I personally don’t do that. This is something, I’d bring if I was going to a campsite, drive my vehicle to the campsite, and I want additional power. Yes. This is something I would definitely have tried to carry even though it is reasonably lightweight.

I rocked enough packs in my day to know this is some heavy weight in your lower in your back, in your bag. It just is, although lightweight, it does pack a punch so with this is again. This is the All-power 700 1400 watts solar generator. It’s a 1400 watts surge. If you want to run a laptop, charge your cell phones, charge your flashlights. Yeah, it works well. You can actually plug in the solar while you’re running the same during the daytime.



So, actually not bad if you have lighting that you want to be using during your camp, will work great. I will say this much about this. If you had a CPAP machine or something like that cost effective. Yeah, it is. It comes with its own solar panel. You could actually use this in an emergency situation for CPAP machines, and things like that. If you are in need of that, and there’s a grid-down scenario.

We try to do all kinds of reviews on all kinds of different types of solar generator products. I like having portable power. That’s what it is. It’s portable power. You can build your own array. You can build your own battery bank and bird or all that other stuff and lug it around. This is already prepackaged. It already comes with a solar panel that can actually be daisy-chained into other solar panels. That’s a hundred-watt solar panel. So, you can actually daisy chain it into a much larger system if you want to go that route as well.

Pros And Cons ALLPOWERS S700

1. High Capacity: The ALLPOWERS S700 has a large capacity of 700mAh, allowing for extended usage without frequent recharging.1. Charging Time: The larger capacity of the ALLPOWERS S700 results in a longer charging time compared to lower-capacity power banks, requiring more time to recharge the power bank itself.
2. Multiple Charging Ports: This power bank features multiple charging ports, including USB-A and USB-C, providing versatility and compatibility with various devices.2. Limited Output: The power bank may have a limited output, which means it may not support charging certain high-power devices, such as laptops, which require higher wattage.
3. Fast Charging Technology: The ALLPOWERS S700 incorporates fast charging technology, enabling quicker charging of compatible devices, and reducing overall charging time.3. Price: The ALLPOWERS S700 power bank tends to be more expensive compared to power banks with lower capacities, which may not be suitable for budget-conscious buyers.
4. Durable and Sturdy: This power bank is built to be durable and sturdy, ensuring reliability even in rough conditions or outdoor adventures.
5. LED Indicators: The LED indicators on the ALLPOWERS S700 provide clear and convenient battery level monitoring, allowing users to know the remaining power at a glance.

In Conclusion: ALLPOWERS S700 Review

ALLPOWERS S700 Review – So, I have nothing bad to say about this system. It would be great for a stand-up power that you want to put inside your vehicle, if you’re going on a camping trip, emergency power in case something major was to happen. You got charge of your cell phones things like that. It’ll work. Everything has its limitation. This is a 700 watts 1400 watts surge. So, the 1400 watts surge means if you got something that uptakes and has that huge power drain of up to 1400 watts. It will catch it and run it. So, all in all really cool.

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