Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar



Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3,200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC 120/240 Output | [OGK-1] from Aims Power for retail price $15,999.00.

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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC 120/240 Output | Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit + FREE Shipping, NO Sales Tax & Lifetime Customer Support Looking for a solar kit that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg just to get installed? Tired of getting outrageous quotes from solar installation companies? Look no…

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC 120/240 Output | [OGK-1]

Looking for a solar kit that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg just to get installed? Tired of getting outrageous quotes from solar installation companies? Look no further. Our complete off-grid solar kit comes with all of the parts and pieces needed to get up and running with clean, quiet, off-grid solar power.

Although we do recommend having a certified solar installer/master electrician install our off-grid kits, these are meant to be extremely simple to set up and we include a professional wiring diagram/schematic for you to follow – meaning there’s no guessing as to how it’s supposed to be setup.

You might be wondering – is this really all I need? Especially considering some of the prices we’ve heard our customers getting from other solar installation companies. But the answer is yes. This is a complete off-grid solar power system that includes all of the parts and pieces you’ll need.

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar

What Does Off-Grid Mean?

Great question. It means this system does not tie in with your local power grid/utility company. So there’s no “selling” excess power back to the power company. Off-grid means your system operates 100% independently of the grid. Any excess power you’re making during the day goes right into your 12 batteries included with the kit so that you can run your home / RV / cabin/shop/business all night long when the sun isn’t shining.

Is Off-Grid Better Than Grid-Tie? Or Do I NEED to be tied to the grid?

This is a good question and it really depends on who you ask. Most of our customers are looking to gain “grid independence”. They don’t want to rely on the local power company to keep their lights on and food cold. When you install a grid-tied solar system, this means that if the grid goes down… The solar power on your roof is useless. You NEED batteries on your system to be considered off-grid.

There’s a lot more involved with a grid-tie system (think permitting, AC coupling, remote monitoring, etc.) which typically makes these types of solar power systems much more expensive. Whereas off-grid solar systems require a lot fewer bells and whistles and are much easier to install.

What Comes With This Kit?

Our 3,200 Watt Solar 12KW complete off-grid solar kit outputs 120V / 240V of power (240V is great for homes, well pumps, ovens, dryers, etc.) and is both ETL and CSA listed – meaning the inverters are extremely safe and have passed specific safety tests.

With 12 x 200ah AGM batteries storing power for nighttime and cloudy days, you’ll have 600 amps of useable battery power (14.4kwh or 14,400 watt-hours) which are plenty big enough to run an entire (small to mid-size) home 24/7. Combined with your 16 x 200W high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels, this solar power kit is perfect for locations that need 300-600 watts of power continuously for 24-48 hours, before recharging. This kit also allows for charging the batteries from any standard fuel generator via the 12kw inverter/charger’s capabilities – so if it’s cloudy for multiple days, you could hook up a gas generator to the inverter/charger and charge up your battery bank for clean quiet power all night long.

Backed by Lifetime Support

All of our solar kits are backed by lifetime customer support via phone, live chat, and email. We also include all of the necessary schematics for setting up your solar kit.

What’s Included With Your 3,200 Watt Solar 12KW 48VDC OGK Order?

  • 12,000 watts pure sine inverter charger 120/240vac Inverter / Charger -PICOGLF120W48V240VS
  • 200 Watt Solar Panels 12V Monocrystalline – Qty 16
  • LCD Display Remote System Monitor
  • Combiner Box 6 String – Pre-wired – COM6IN120A
  • Quick Disconnect Switch – DC1600V32A2IO
  • 80A MPPT solar charge controller – SCC80AMPPT
  • 200Ah AGM deep cycle batteries – Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid AGM12V200A – Qty 12
  • PICGLFBATS – qty 1 – Battery temperature sensor
  • PVEXT20FT10AWG – PV female & male extension cables for a solar array to combiner box and disconnect to solar charge controller – Qty 2
  • PVEXT20FT10AWG – PV female & male extension cables for solar panel parallel connections – Qty 2
  • PVM100FT8AWG – 100 foot 8 AWG PV wire red & black set – qty 1
  • CBL08FT6AWGC – 8 ft set charge controller to battery cables
  • CBL08FT1/0AWG- 8 ft set of 1/0AWG cable battery bank to the inverter
  • CBL02FT1/0AWG– qty 2 -2 ft 1/0 AWG cable (battery cables)
  • CBL01FT1/0AWGRED – Qty 10 – 1 ft jumper for fuse kit and battery jumpers
  • ANL500KIT – 500 amp inline fuse kit for the battery to inverter
  • ANL150KIT – 150 amp inline fuse kit for the charge controller to battery
  • 16 x Sets of Z-bracket mounts for mounting solar panels
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax!
  • Lifetime Customer Support!
  • System Schematic / Wiring Diagram [OGK-1]

What Can This Kit Actually Power?

  • Fridge/Freezer (100 watts): 140+ hours
  • 50″ TV (65 watts): 200+ hours
  • LED Lights (6 watts): 2,000+ hours
  • House Fan (50 watts): 285+ hours
  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 2,000+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 205+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 280+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 175+ hours
  • CPAP Machine (30 watts): 400+ hours

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit 3200 Watt Solar Features:

  • Choose the best battery bank for your needs and if you already have solar panels, select the solar panel option!
  • Easy to set up, connect and use – Includes wiring schematic.
  • Everything you need for an off-grid or backup solar system
  • Works with devices up to 12,000 watts / 100 AC amps at 120VAC or 50 amps at 240 VAC
  • Ideal for large appliances, tools, pumps, compressors, AC units, freezers, refrigerators, heaters, and electronics
  • Ideal for large homes or businesses that need 120 and 240 VAC power
  • Professional wiring diagram/schematic included with your order
  • The solar panel array will recharge a 50% depleted 600 amp battery bank in 5 hours with full sunlight.
  • Battery Bank = 12 x 200ah AGM batteries and 600 amps of usable battery.

The 3,200 watts of solar panels (16 x 200W) will keep a charge on the batteries all day long using sunlight and will recharge the batteries at 50% depletion in approximately 5 hours in full sun. Your 80 amp charger controller will protect the batteries from overcharging and give you the ability to expand your solar array in the future.

This kit is perfect for even large-size devices such as appliances, fans, pumps, compressors, and electronics up to 100 amps.

12,000 watts pure sine inverter charger 120/240vac Inverter / Charger Features:

  • 12000 watts low-frequency inverter 110/220Vac Split Phase
  • 36000-watt surge for 20 seconds -3x surge capability
  • Battery priority selector
  • Terminal block
  • Marine-coated and protected
  • Multi-stage Smart charger 120 Amp charges gel, lead, AGM, lithium(
  • Remote panel available
  • 60hz or 50 Hz selectable dip switch
  • 10 msec typical transfer time
  • Selectable 25W power save mode (hibernation)
  • 8 battery charger settings
  • Automatic transfer switch

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