Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300 – Today, we’re going to take a close look at this power station, its solar panels, and also talk about the type of devices and appliances that it could power, either during a short-term blackout, or even a more long-term grid down situation.

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Specifications of EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Now, getting into the specs of this delta power station. It has a capacity of 1,260 watt-hours, meaning that’s the amount of energy that is stored within its batteries that you can use to power either your device’s appliances tools, whatever, the case may be, and as far as what it can handle running all at once. It can handle 1800 running watts, meaning that it can handle 1800 watts continuous across all your devices, but it can also handle up to 3300 starting watts, and that’s going to be good for devices like refrigerators, box freezers, and tools like a circular saw that require more power on startup, and then they ease their way back down once they’re up and running.

General Info
Net Weight30.9lbs (14kg)
Dimension15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)
Charge Temperature32-113°F (0-45°C)
Discharge Temperature-4-140°F (-20-60°C)
ColorGray & Black
Warranty24 months

EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Features

So, that’s going to be enough power to run many small devices, and also a couple of large devices all at once. One of the most impressive features of this delta unit is that when you plug it into an AC power source, you are going to be able to recharge this unit from 0 all the way to 80% in less than an hour. That is one of the fastest charging rates that you will find on any device like this.

And charging speeds this fast is made possible by Ecoflow’s patented extreme technology. It’s very useful if you’re in a situation where maybe your house is out of power, but you’re able to go you know plug it in somewhere, maybe like work, maybe at a friend’s house. So, you can go, do that charge it very quickly, take it back home, and power the devices that you need it to. And that could mean the difference between food spoiling, and not. Also if you’re in a situation where maybe you need to use sensitive medical equipment, something like a CPAP that would enable you to get that powered up quickly, and back in use if you were able to find some sort of power source that you can plug this into AC power with.

DELTA 1300 Power Station

DELTA 1300 Power Station
DELTA 1300 Power Station
Price: $1,399.00 $1,299.00
DELTA 1300 Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, you can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever.

And in addition to being able to recharge this unit from an AC power source like a wall plug, you can also recharge this unit using things like solar panels. If you have a full array of solar panels, and good sun conditions, this unit can be recharged in around 4 hours. It can also be recharged in less than 10 hours using the 12 volts plug in your car.

This delta unit also comes with the plugs that you will need to charge the device in those three different ways. It comes with the 110 volt AC power cord for wall outlets. It comes with the cord that you will need to hook this device up to the solar panels, as well as a 12 volts cord that you can use to plug into the power port in your car.

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300 – The Ecoflow delta has 6 AC outlets that can produce a total of 1800 watts of power, and you notice that you see slots for two prongs, and then there is a large hole in the middle of the two rows of plugs, that is for devices that require three prongs plugs on the front of the device. It has 4 USB-A ports, and two of those are fast-charge ports. It also has two USB-C ports along with a car power output plug on the back of the device.

delta has 6 AC outlets

The delta only weighs just over 30 pounds which makes it lighter than pretty much any gas generator out there. And what that’s going to do is, it’s going to make it easy to set up, easy to move where you want it to, and also if you need to bug out, it’s going to be easy to load, and it doesn’t really take up that much space. Looking at this size-wise, this takes up probably less space than something like a computer, like desktop CPU, would it’s a little bit shorter. It’s probably about as long and about as wide, but footprint-wise, this unit doesn’t take up a whole lot of room.  It also comes with a nice case that you can use while storing it to keep dust out of it. So, that it’ll be ready to work when you need it.

To the solar panels, these are 160 watts solar panels, and they weigh just over 15 pounds for that entire set, come with a nice case. It’s going to be easy to carry around. So, this entire package is extremely portable, and then as far as the lifespan of this unit, it has a warranty of 24 months, and the batteries in it are rated for over 800 cycles.

EcoFlow Solar Panel

What it can power?

What you’ll be able to run with it? The short answer is a lot, even with one set of solar panels like what I have. You should be able to keep small devices running, almost indefinitely it has, such a high capacity that charging things like cell phones, and emergency radios, barely makes a dent in it. You’ll also be able to keep other things like rechargeable lanterns, and even power tool batteries up and running.

What it can power?

If you’re camping, you’ll be able to use it to run equipment like inflators. I was able to completely inflate our air mattress in about the same amount of time as it would have taken. If I had the inflator plugged into the wall, the delta has AC plugs as well as a 12 volts car plug, so you’ll be able to power both types of inflators. You can also use it to help keep you comfortable during power outages. It had no problem running a large fan on high, and it could have run it for around 11 hours if that was the only thing that it was powering.

EcoFlow Delta Power

Delta 1300 For Camping

The Delta was also able to power a small 5000 BTU window ac unit. An air conditioner like this is fairly small, but it’ll work well if you’re just trying to cool a room. And while it can run the fan on the window AC for much longer, you’ll get around three hours of power if you’re running the ac on high cool. I was also able to use the delta to run several household appliances.

5000 BTU window ac unit

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300 – One of the most important things that I want any generator to be able to power is my box freezer. I have a ton of deer meat in there, and I would hate for it to go to waste. It was able to handle my small box freezer without any problems, and the nice thing about a full freezer is that it helps keep itself cool. This means that the power station will need to work less helping it to last longer. The display said that it could run the freezer for around 10 hours, but that’s if the freezer ran for 10 hours straight. In reality, it would last much longer since the freezer isn’t technically running the entire time.

The Delta was also able to power my side-by-side refrigerator which would be useful for a short-term power outage. Now, if I was dealing with a situation that I knew was going to last for a while, I would probably move anything that I didn’t want to lose into the freezer to help me conserve power in addition to preserving food. It can also help you cook as well, I used it to cook some chicken nuggets in my microwave.

Ecoflow Delta Running refrigerator

You should also be able to use the power station to run other appliances like electric griddles, and blenders. Another large device that I was able to power was my washing machine. I loaded it full of towels, and the Delta ran it for an entire cycle while you probably won’t be using your washing machine much during a long-term disaster. Being able to finish a load of laundry could be very important during a short-term power outage. My wife and I had a friend staying with us a couple of years ago, and the power went out during the middle of them doing laundry, if we had had something like this, back then, we could have used it to finish the cycle, and then hang up what they needed from a shower rod, and plugged in our fan, and help it drop then just iron it afterward.

Even after running that entire load of laundry, it had only used 8 percent of its battery. And that’s really impressive considering I had used it to power my studio lighting at the same time that it was running that load of laundry. The Delta is also capable of running different types of tools, and one that I had to test in real life was my air compressor. I had a flat tire, and my spare was low on pressure. I didn’t have an inflator in my car, so I had my wife bring the delta and my air compressor to me when I got out of work. I was able to use the power station and compressor to fill up my spare tire to the proper level.

EcoFlow Delta And Air Compressor

It can also handle more power-hungry tools such as circular saws. Circular saws require a large amount of start wattage, at one point mine surged to well, over 3000 watts when starting. However, even with my saw’s large power requirements, I was able to make several cuts in a 2×6 that I had leftover from a project. Being able to operate tools like this can help you make much-needed repairs to your home after a disaster. Especially, one that’s weather-related you’ll be able to do things like board up windows, and repair fences.

You can also run up to 13 devices at once using the delta. In my test, I was able to charge an iPhone, iPad, weather radio, and an led lantern all while running a large fan, a lamp, three power tools, battery chargers, my laptop, and an inner loop battery charger while the power station on its own is impressive. A set of solar panels is an absolute must for emergency preparedness,  having them will allow you to keep your power station going through. The duration of a disaster, however, long or short it may be, and the 160 watts panels that Ecoflow is really nice.

They use monocrystalline silicon cells and are waterproof. They can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes,  meaning that they won’t get damaged if they get a little wet. They only weigh a little over 15 pounds and are easy to carry. Thanks to their case which doubles as a kickstand.

Setting up the solar panels

Setting up the solar panels is pretty straightforward, unzip the bag and unfold the panels, then position the panels towards the middle of the case, and then attach the d-rings on the solid side of the case to the panels. This will allow you to use it as a kickstand, after you attach those d-rings, do the same for the other end also, then move the case and panels to the angle that you want, then connect the cables on your panels to the solar panel cord that came with the delta. They only go together with one way, so you don’t have to worry about messing it up. After that, connect the power cord to the yellow slot on the side of the Delta, and you should be good to go.

Setting up the solar panels

EcoFlow Delta VS Traditional Gas Generator

A power station like this is going to have several advantages over something like a traditional gas generator. And the first one is that this unit isn’t going to make any sound even inverter generators do produce enough noise to be heard from a fairly significant distance away, and not being heard is extremely important from a security standpoint.

And also if you live somewhere like an apartment complex, you’re not going to be able to use a gas generator. Everybody around you is going to know that you have it. And a lot of these apartment complexes, they’re buildings it seems like they’re barely even 50 feet apart. I was at one visiting a short time ago, and that’s how far apart the building seems to be, and it’s really you need to have at least 25 feet between the generator and the closest building. So, something like a gas generator, even if you don’t mind waking up everybody in your complex, it’s probably not even going to be safe to use something like that if the buildings are close together.

And another advantage that a power station like this is going to have over a traditional gas generator is that you are going to be able to run this safely indoors, and that’s good for a couple of different reasons:

  • The first is security, you don’t have to worry about some jerk coming, and stealing your generator while you’re sleeping because it’s inside with you, just keep an eye on it while it’s charging out in the sun if you have solar panels.
  • And also another good thing about being able to run this indoors is there are a lot of situations, especially, dealing with weather emergencies where you don’t necessarily want to go outside, and fool with getting a gas generator up, and running set up, and have power running into your home. It might be a hurricane where you’re dealing with torrential rains and epic winds, or maybe, it’s even snow. it’s going to be a lot more convenient a lot safer just to plug something like this into your most important devices, and then wait until the storms pass, charge it back up with your solar panels, and you’re back in business.

Also since you can power this with solar, that kind of reduces your dependency on fuel such as gasoline. Gasoline can be a challenge to store, you gotta rotate it, and also it only lasts for a certain amount of time, propane of course can last much longer, but all fuels like that are going to be dangerous to store in large quantities. Especially, if you live in a residential area. I mean, you don’t want your house fire to turn into a mushroom cloud that would be bad. And then, also if you live in an apartment, I mean like I said a second ago, gas generator is not going to be practical anyway, and then where are you going to keep all the fuel that you’re planning on using to keep that generator running for any length of time.

And another advantage that something like this has is that it’s going to be much better for sensitive electronics because it uses what’s called pure sine wave technology. Traditional gas generators, because of just their nature being based on an internal combustion engine, their energy output isn’t going to be all that steady which can damage certain sensitive electronics.

EcoFlow Delta Prime Day Promo

Final Words Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300

Review EcoFlow DELTA 1300 – Now, a lot of you may be wondering where does a device like this fits in somebody’s overall preparedness strategy? And I think, a device like this that has a large capacity, and has a renewable energy source in solar is probably your best choice. If you are worried about a long-term emergency, just because you’re not going to be relying on fuel anymore, and this is going to be able to charge small devices things like cell phones, radios.

Also, if you have power tool batteries basically, indefinitely, and of course, it can run larger devices as well. If you’re at the beginning of a long-term situation, and you have meat in the freezer, having something like this, ready to go will extend your food storage by allowing you to keep your deep freeze running longer. And as far as short-term emergencies go, honestly, this is probably what I’m going to be reaching for, just because it’s convenient. It has enough power to power my deep freeze, my refrigerator. So, that I mean, a lot of power outages I deal with around here, they’re only a few hours. So, this is going to be more than enough to keep what I need from spoiling, and also if things last a little bit longer, I always have the solar panels that I could hook up outside and get more power for the device that way.

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