River600 Max Reviews

River600 Max Reviews

River600 Max Reviews – EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station River 600 and extra battery pack. All right, today, we’re reviewing the EF Ecoflow portable power station. This is the River 600 and additionally, these are two separate items. This is the additional battery pack for the River 600. Each one has 288-watt hours.

River600 Max Reviews – EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station River 600 and extra battery pack.

So, you can double its capacity by buying the extra battery pack which this thing is. This is the coolest tech item that I’ve gotten in a really long time. It’s got 3 outlets AC outlets on the side, each one of them is 600 watts. You can run them all three at the same time for 1800 watts. It’s got a cooling fan which is really going to help this thing last a long time, and keep it from frying.

So, that’s great. It’s got a fan, if you want, you could operate it in quiet mode. So, you can charge without the fan, maybe if you’re sleeping, and you’re camping, and you don’t want to listen to it. But, I’m going to leave the fan on, which gives you real-time data.

River600 Max Reviews

I’m charging via the USB-C, it’s got a couple of other USB ports, and a USB fast charge. I believe that one’s 2.4 amps, this one’s 100 watts. I can power my MacBook Pro, I can power anything. Mac is run off USB-C these days, and you can see real-time charging data right there. Right now, my battery’s just about topping off, so it’s down to six watts, but it lets you know, how many hours you can consistently draw this power.

River600 Max Performance

As this number jumps around, so does this number but you get a good idea. This is obviously the overall battery charge level of the unit, and it tells you input and output, which is really I love seeing the live data. So, as you charge this thing, you can see how many watts it’s putting into it this thing, it char. It’s charged so fast, you can get it up to 80 in an hour.

That is amazing for the size of this battery pack. I’ve got much smaller power banks. I have to charge overnight, so that means, if you forget to charge it before a camping trip if you just have a last-minute shoot or a last-minute work, things pop up for you. I just don’t have enough time to charge my power banks. this thing one hour, I mean, I could plug it in and charge it.

River600 Max Reviews

River600 Max Reviews – If you have a power inverter, you could probably charge it in your car on the way to a shoot, if you have an hour drive, or you know just while you’re showering, plug it in and it’s going to be good to go. So, 80 in one hour, and that is just I’ve not seen anything that charges that quickly. It’s pretty cool.

So, I’m going to get a lot of use out of this professionally, and then, when I go camping on the side you’re gonna be everyone’s here, when you show up, and you’ve got. I like to car camp which means, you know sometimes we bring a couple of devices, I’m probably not gonna go backpacking with this thing. It’s pretty big but just for tailgating, it’s going to be great too, because you could plug in TVs, maybe a mini-fridge, or something like that. Just so many things.

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RIVER 600 And Extra Battery
RIVER 600 And Extra Battery
Price: $549.00
RIVER 600 + EXTRA BATTERY = RIVER 600 MAX After integrating the Extra Battery to RIVER 600, you will get the RIVER 600 Bundle which is monitored and managed as a whole by the BMS of the main model.

It’s got a little flashlight here, and this thing is pretty customizable via the iPhone app. You can change the color, you can change the pattern, that it flashes. You can change the intensity, and you can see all of the same data up here via the iPhone app, and you can actually turn it on and off. You can do a lot of things remotely, from the iPhone app.

So, pretty cool, I’m going to get a lot of use out of this thing. As I said, this is one of my favorite items that I’ve reviewed in a long time.

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