Review EcoFlow Delta Max

Review EcoFlow Delta Max – The Delta Max is basically a bigger version of the Delta 1300, with App control, extra batteries (which I didn’t test), and a few refinements like a manual “Quick Charge” switch on the unit itself. I actually like it a lot. If I was comparing the Delta 1300 and the […]

Jackery Explorer 1500 REVIEW

Jackery Explorer 1500 REVIEW | Is it worth it?

Jackery Explorer 1500 REVIEW – Today’s article we’re going to be doing a product review on the portable power station. This is the Jackery Explorer 1500. Now, I do want to let you guys know, Jackery did send us this product for us to review. If this product does suck we were gonna let you […]

ecoflow delta pro

EcoFlow Delta Pro Review

EcoFlow Delta Pro Review – EcoFlow Delta Pro is more than a portable power station. It’s an expandable ecosystem that integrates directly with your home, or can be taken with you on the go. Add solar panels, extra batteries, and even an emergency EcoFlow Smart Generator so you’re never caught short. EcoFlow Delta Pro Review […]

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review Long-Term Test

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review Long-Term Test – I like to do DIY projects that are renewable energy and energy-efficient. In this article, I’m reviewing this Bluetti 240 from MaxOak. It has a 2.4 kilowatt-hours battery. It’s a rather heavy unit but easy enough to pick up. If you’re just doing something like car camping, or […]

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