BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh + 2 PCS Solar Panel 200W


EB240 has 2400 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, adventurers, campers, RV’ers, Van lifers, liveaboards, and ocean anglers.

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BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh + 2 PCS Solar Panel 200W – EB240 is a HUGE CAPACITY portable power station with lithium-ion battery capacity of 2400Wh (Li-ion battery cell, 101,351mAh/14.8V (equivalent to 405, 405mAh 3.7V)), 1000W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge (Max.45W), and Two ways of recharging (solar / wall).

Unlike other small capacity power stations, it has a broader capacity and can charge higher power devices like an electric drill, hairdryer, blenders (make sure the max. of your device is no more than 1000W). Once fully recharged the power station EB240, the huge capacity 2400Wh ensure your device has a much longer charge time, no need to recharge it time and time again.

BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh + 2 PCS Solar Panel 200W

BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh + 2 PCS Solar Panel 200W
Manufacturer: MaxOak
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The solar charging efficiency is much higher with MPPT built-in. It can track the strength of the sunlight and adapt to the best charging mode. You can connect the EB240 and the solar panel via our attached dc to MC4 solar charging cable, no need for other controllers.

BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh Highlight

  • Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included – 1*BLUETTI EB240 Solar Power Station (2400Wh/1000W) and all the accessories for EB240( 1*200W AC adapter*1,Solar Charging Cable(DC to MC4, Length:1.7m)*1, Manual*1) and 2 pcs 200W foldable solar panels and all its accessories(MC4 charging cable, Length:3m).
  • BLUETTI EB240 Power Station – 2400Wh huge capacity solar power station with a wide 14-68V/Max.500W/10A solar Input, MPPT, allowing recharge from AC wall outlet and solar panel. Two 110V AC outlets (pure sine wave) can load max. 1000W devices continuously. Regulated DC12V protects your car-powered devices and other sensitive 12v devices.
  • BLUETTI 200W Solar Panel – It’s made of high qualified Sunpower monocrystalline silicon cells which are 5% higher efficiency than traditional monocrystalline. It features ETFE lamination thus has better light transmittance, more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean by wet cloth. Foldable design with handle, weight only 14.3lbs. Convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption.
  • Solar Recharge time – According to the wide-open circuit voltage range 16-68V, we recommend you can connect at least 2pcs SP200 solar panel in series, The actual recharge time may vary from weather condition, temperature, or the angle or the location you place the solar panel.
  • Warranty – BLUETTI ensures our customer 24 months warranty for the BLUETTI EB240 and the solar panel from the day of the purchase.

Although it has high load capability, make sure to check the rated/instant start-up power of your device, make sure it does not exceed 1000W, otherwise, our EB240 will turn off for overload protection. Load capability: Continuous 1000W. Overload capability: 1000W≤load<1200W last for 120S; 1200W≤load, shut off after 0.5s.

The cooling fan will start if it meets one of the below: 1. A load of inverter exceeds 400w. 2. A load of 12V cigarette lighter socket exceeds 100w. 3. The charging power of the attached appliances exceeds 250W.

EB240 has 2400 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, adventurers, campers, RV’ers, Van lifers, liveaboards, and ocean anglers.

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2 reviews for BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh + 2 PCS Solar Panel 200W

  1. Damon (verified owner)

    very useful
    I bought this portable battery for camping, and I found out it is very useful daily! We can charge our phones , iPads and computer at the same time.
    We love travel and camping, this portable battery is perfect for us!
    It also has the battery indicator, it reminds me to charge it every time! Up to now, it got no problem! I guess the quality is pretty good!
    Anyway it is very easy to use and very useful and convenient !

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  2. kaka (verified owner)

    amazing product and excellent customer service
    I am getting a portable power station for in case of an emergency.This power station is great to have in those convenient cases and also for those unexpected times where you don’t have power. I got this amazing EB2400 the end of November.
    The first thing to know is that this power station is pretty large, and most of all, it’s quite heavy weighing in at about 48 pounds. That said, that’s not a negative as the power source has a 2400Wh power capacity which is massive and is equivalent to having hundreds of power banks placed into one. Thankfully, there is a large handle at the top of the power station that has a rubber grip and it makes it a lot easier to hold the power station. Also, the size of the power station isn’t too big, as you can still easily store it in a closet or travel with it in a car. There are five USB ports, with one port using a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port, and that could be very helpful to use for someone that owns a USB-C laptop, and I was able to charge my Surface Go with the PD port. Being able to charge five phones at the same time can be an absolute lifesaver if you ever need it.
    Also, I have to admit that the customer service is by far, much better than I expected. I have so many questions about how to use. They were responsive to all of my emails, and I have no problems buying Bluetti products knowing they stand behind them. 5 Stars all the way.

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