RIVER 600 Portable Power Station


The RIVER 600 can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With 3 pure sine wave AC outlets, the RIVER 600 can power some devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on. With a capacity of 288Wh, the RIVER 600 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.

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RIVER 600 Portable Power Station – Compact and portable, the EcoFlow RIVER 600 series is an ideal recreational power that provides you the accessibility to handy wall outlets. The RIVER 600 series is the perfect companion for camping, over-landing, tailgating, boating, etc. Feel free to attach and detach the Extra Battery to meet your needs.

  • 11 Lbs lightweight and portable power station;
  • Support 80% of essential devices with X-Boost mode on;
  • Fast AC recharge within 1.6 hours;
  • Handy Control with EcoFlow App;
  • Modularized capacity to grow with your needs, from 288Wh to 576Wh with Extra Battery

RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

X-Boost Smart AlgorithmFaster Recharging Speed
RIVER 600 Portable Power StationRIVER 600 Portable Power Station
With the full sine wave AC output of 600W (up to 1800W when the X-Boost mode is on), the RIVER 600 can power most kitchen appliances and tools. It’s recommended to use X-Boost for devices within 1200W for a better user experience. With the APP, you can upgrade to the latest firmware to enjoy the best performance of X-Boost mode. The RIVER 600 will give you the freedom to enjoy AC outlets everywhere in the house, or at your outdoorsy adventures.The EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology redefines the power station’s speed of charge ability, eliminating the bulky adapters. With the built-in smart inverter, RIVER 600 delivers a fast recharging performance. Only need to plug into a regular wall outlet for 1.6 hours, and you will have a 100% charged unit.


The power that Grows with YouPower 10 Devices Simultaneously
RIVER 600 Portable Power StationRIVER 600 Portable Power Station
With the modular design and the Extra Battery, you can easily expand the capacity of RIVER 600 from 288Wh to 576Wh. RIVER 600: Lightweight and portable, perfect for a weekend trip or tailgating events; RIVER 600 + Extra Battery: Compact and reliable for outdoor adventures or RV/van usage.RIVER 600 fits many types of ports you’ll need to charge all your devices. The 100W USB-C is perfect for charging laptops while the full sine wave AC outlets give you more flexibility in charging heavy-duty devices. With the informative EcoFlow APP, you can control and monitor the unit on your hands.


Sustainable Solar ChargingCompact and PortablePower 80% of Essential Devices
RIVER 600 Portable Power StationRIVER 600 Portable Power StationRIVER 600 Portable Power Station
The smart MPPT inside of the RIVER 600 enables it to recharge quickly through solar power at a 200W maximum loading scale. With two 110W solar panels (IP67 waterproof) connected in parallel under a direct, perfect sunlight conditions, the RIVER 600 can be fully charged from 1.6 to 3 hours, giving you the freedom to enjoy clean, sustainable power from nature.With the rugged easy-to-carry handle, the 11lbs RIVER 600 is perfect for outdoor use. Slightly larger than a toaster, it can easily fit in the trunk of a minivan, or anywhere in the house whenever you need an AC power source. You can always be prepared for the next adventure, anytime, with this reliable, portable power station.Whenever you want to go camping, over-landing, tailgating, boating or just to have a backyard gathering, the RIVER 600 is the perfect companion for 80% of the essential appliances and devices you need. For heavy-duty devices, it is recommended to conduct a full test before using it.

RIVER 600 Features:

  • 3 x 600W AC OUTLETS AND 288Wh CAPACITY The RIVER 600 can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With 3 pure sine wave AC outlets, the RIVER 600 can power some devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on. With a capacity of 288Wh, the RIVER 600 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output. 
  • RECHARGE FROM 0% TO 80% WITHIN 1 HOUR With EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream Technology, the smart inverter enables a fast rechargeability that takes less than 1 hour to charge from 0% to 80%, and it gets fully charged in 1.6 hours. You can switch to a quieter charging condition by turning on the “Quiet Charging” status on the APP.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 80% HOME APPLIANCES The X-Boost Technology’s advanced built-in algorithm enables most heavy-duty kitchen appliances and tools (up to 1800W) to operate. With X-Boost, RIVER 600 can power 80% of essential home appliances and devices, especially those within 1200W for a better user experience. The discharging rates and X-Boost mode can be monitored and controlled through the EcoFlow APP.
  • FIT YOUR NEEDS, NOW AND LATER Double the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh with an Extra Battery, the modular design of RIVER 600, is the power that grows with your needs. Designed for mobility, the 11 lbs solid yet lightweight RIVER 600 is slightly larger than a toaster, which is perfect to take out. You can easily double the capacity of the RIVER 600 from 288Wh to 576Wh by integrating it with an Extra Battery.

Ecoflow River 600 review


  • Fast charging
  • Energy for up to 29 hours, depending on the gadget/appliance
  • Lightweight and easy to transport modular style
  • Eco-friendly solar panels
  • Noiseless
  • Lets you stay in contact and power at home and on the road


  • The River 600 is the most basic in the new EcoFlow range.
  • International users reported some issues with shipping.

The base-level River 600 generator from EcoFlow is an efficient piece of kit, that charges anything you need. It has a discreet design, requires no upkeep, and is noiseless and lightweight. If you want to replace your clunky gas generator, this could be the one.

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R600 Specifications

R 600 General Info
Net Weight*11lbs (5kg)
Dimension*11.3 x 7.3 x 7.7 in (28.8 x 18.5 x 19.4 cm)
Charge Temperature32-113°F +/- 5°F (0-45°C +/- 3°C)
Discharge Temperature-4-140°F +/- 5°F (-20-60°C +/- 3°C)
ColorCyber Black
Warranty24 months
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R600 Charging Info
Charge MethodAC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel
Full Recharge Time1.6 hours (AC)
3 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
1.6-3 Hours (Using 2x110W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun)
R600 Battery Info
Capacity288Wh (28.8V)
Cell ChemistryLithium-ion
Shelf Life1 year  (after being fully charged)
Cycle Life500 Cycles (80%+)
Management SystemsBMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection,
Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Low-Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection,
Overcurrent Protection
Testing and certificationUL CE FCC RoHS PSE
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Limited Offer
EcoFlow Delta Pro
EcoFlow Delta Pro
MSRP Price: $3,699
Discount Price: $3,599
EcoFLow Delta Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh.

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14 reviews for RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

  1. Daniel B. (verified owner)

    So far it’s great- I have the 1300 for heavy duty uses, this River 600 is great and easier to move around from place to place, can be controlled through wifi- tip- signing up in the app was difficult at first because the line to fill in my email address wouldn’t allow my full email address to be typed in. I selected the option to log in with my apple Id, which worked perfectly. Finally, you can double the battery size if you choose to, so it is very portable, powerful, charges super fast compared to others on the market and is expandable, and can be charged with solar panels. I have the Ecoflow panel and get a full 100 watts from it in direct sunlight. The only thing it could have that it doesn’t is a wireless charging pad on the top like another brand I have does. All in all you really can’t go wrong with this.

    1 product
  2. David T. (verified owner)

    The power station is very easy to handle and use. Its packed enough power for my personal use. Recommend it

    1 product
  3. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Loving this unit.

    1 product
  4. Khai T. (verified owner)


    1 product
  5. Carlene c. (verified owner)

    It was the Best Buy every it working very good no problem as of now I love it and going to tel everyone about it thanks

    1 product
  6. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Very nicely designed

    1 product
  7. Marc M. (verified owner)

    Thus far I feel I have made a very good purchase…I’m really enjoying the charge time…it takes literally no time for a full charge.

    1 product
  8. Charity D. (verified owner)

    A good gift from my wonderful dad!

    1 product
  9. Glenn Z. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, with exceptional quality and design.

    1 product
  10. Ruben S. (verified owner)

    Got this for overlanding trips but now I’ve used it during the recent Texas power outages, camping, and for random things around the house. Absolutely love it and it’s become more important that I thought

    1 product
  11. Robert T. (verified owner)

    The EcoFlow power station is great. I’ve tested it out on several items, really glad that it kept my extra freezer working.
    Only problem is shipping. The company used has had wrong delivery dates, shipped to wrong address even though correct one was shown, mistakes with tracking numbers.
    However, I would recommend this product.

    1 product
  12. W L S. (verified owner)

    Great battery backup packed nicely.

    1 product
  13. Robert L. (verified owner)

    I very much the quality of the product very well build and designed. The only con that I can mention is that the battery only has 3 run time for most devices plug to it like a fans and or other similar items.

    Other than that I do recommend and as a portable battery not a emergency generator.

    1 product
  14. Alan A. (verified owner)

    It’s amazing that something so small (for a generator/power source) can do so much. I can’t wait until my battery upgrade and solar panels come in. We will be ready for anything. Great product.

    1 product
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