Bluetti Ac200P 2000W Lifepo4 Solar Generator 2000Wh Off Grid Portable Power Station

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – Maxoak Bluetti AC200P is developed based mostly on this mission, it replaces the standard gas generators without annual maintenance, noise, and carbon monoxide emission risk. The AC200P is an incredible photovoltaic generator with nice capabilities, excellent for infrequent use similar to tenting, tailgating, and festivals, and can be a perfect emergency backup solution for houses, catastrophe situations, and medical units.

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes

BLUETTI AC200P Overview

BLUETTI AC200P-Large Capacity, High Power. Keep your gear running indoors and outdoors.

So, first, let’s talk about the fundamental features, you’ve got 1.7 kilowatt-hours of capacity in a 2000 watts pure sine wave inverter. We even have a regulated DC 12-volt output that’s capable of dealing with 25 amps. You can run like 2 DC fridges of this utterly. Next, we have now a marine-grade 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter that’s capable of 10 amps, after which 2 plugs for 3 amps, and then we have now USBs, and then we’ve got 6 outlets over here.

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh
  1. Power button
  2. 2V / 10A cigarette lighter port
  3. Type-C charging port
  4. Touchable interplay LCD display
  5. USB output x 4pcs
  6. US AC output x 6pcs (EU/UK AC output x 2 pcs)
  1. 12V / 25A output
  2. 12V / 3A output
  3. PV / car input port
  4. AC adapter input port
  5. Wireless charging x 2pcs
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On the previous Bluetti models, it was restricted to 2 whenever you press the power button. This display screen
will turn on and this is an enormous improvement over the last Bluetti’s. You actually have a touchscreen in an interface that tells you ways much power goes in and out, or to the DC hundreds, and look at this, isn’t this unimaginable? And this is where you flip the inverter on, AC output on.

  1. Homepage button
  2. Settings button
  3. Data button
  4. Faults button
  5. PV/Car charging display button
  6. BMS info display button
  1. Date/Time
  2. DC load data display button
  3. DC ON/OFF button
  4. AC ON/OFF button
  5. Adapter charging display button
  6. AC load data display button
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Bluetti AC200 2000W Inverter, we even have power, it even tells you the way a lot of power is coming from an AC outlet or from the photovoltaic or a car charger, and you’ll even change the settings for the inverter, or the DC input source. And there’s additionally an eco mode. So, if there are small hundreds connected to the inverter, it would shut, it down to save lots of power, and then you definitely also have more settings, language setting, buzzers setting, and that’s pretty much.
Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes
Most of these are fair, you and most of the people won’t contact them nevertheless it’s cool that they even have a set menu in my favorite. The new section is the data logging. So, first, we’ve got product information, and that’s pretty boring however inverter and charger if you wish to see how a lot of power your photovoltaic array has produced by way of the Bluetti. It reveals to you what number of kilowatt-hours the carbon dioxide emission that you have offset, the Watts amps, the volts, and so much other cool info.

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh
Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh
Price: $1,799.00
Recharge Via 700W Solar Panel (Actual Input Solar Power) And The Attached 400W AC Adapter Simultaneously (Total 1100W) Which Takes Only Around 2.5-3 Hours To Fully Recharge The AC200P.

BLUETTI AC200P Specification

Battery CellLfePo4
Pack Capacity2000Wh/2000W
Lifecycles3500+ Cycles
Shelf-LifeCharge Every 3-6 Months
Management System‘MPPT’ Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection
Size16.5 x 11 x 15.2inch
Net Weight60.6 lbs
Warranty24 Months
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Bluetti AC200P Fault Codes

E001Over-voltage protection (battery pack)Stop charging and start discharging.
E002Under-voltage protection (battery pack)Please charge the product in time. Restart the
machine once it is fully charged
E003Battery failureRestart the machine and charge it.
E004Over-temperature protection when discharging the batteryWait for a while for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E005Under-temperature protection when discharging the battery.Wait for a while for it to heat up and then restart the machine.
E006Over-temperature protection when charging the batteryWait for a while for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E007Under-temperature protection when charging
the battery
Wait for a while for it to heat up and then restart the machine.
E008Under-voltage protection for the 1st cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E009Under-voltage protection for the 2nd cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E010Under-voltage protection for the 3rd cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E011Under-voltage protection for the 4th cell.Please charge the product in time and restart it when fully charged.
E012Busbar fault of inverter due to under volage.Turn off and on the machine.
E013Over-load protection of inverter.Check if the output port of the inverter is overloaded. Turn off and on the AC output to
E014An output port of the inverter is short-circuited.Check if the output port of the inverter is overloaded. Turn off and on the AC output to
E015The heat sink of the inverter is overheated.Wait for it to cool down and then restart the machine.
E016The temperature of the heat sink is not detected.Insert the NTC and restart the machine
E017Over-voltage protection (PV input)Disconnect the solar charging cable and then restart the machine.
E018Over-voltage protection (PV output)Disconnect the solar charging cable, restart the machine and then re-insert the solar
charging cable.
E019Over-temperature protection of heat sink for PV moduleThe heat sink for the PV module overheats. Wait for it to cool down and then charge it.
E020The temperature of the heat sink for the PV module is not detected.Restart the machine.
E021Charging protection of battery protection boardWait for the temperature to return to an acceptable temperature and then start
E022Battery protectionDisconnect the solar charging cable and restart the machine.
E023Over-power protection (system)Check if the total output power is overloaded. Restart the machine.
If you have tried the methods mentioned above, but the problem still cannot be solved.
Contact seller customer service team.



First of all, we’re fully off-grid here. We are within the higher peninsula of Michigan, an entire wilderness. We’re miles and miles away from any form of the power grid that’s what makes this so worthwhile to me.

Now, first off, I have a cooler right here that’s being charged utterly powered without ice by this Bluetti generator now. This factor is 2000 watts doesn’t make a sound, it has numerous plug-ins for all types of various functions. So, that is what it appears to be like like right now. I’ve got a few USBs plugged in, I’m charging some phones, I also have my generator plugged into the DC port, and you may see, my cooler is being saved at a nice 26 levels.

Right now, you may charge it either by a cord, or you may as well charge this factor with solar, which is really attention-grabbing to me. Because on a sunny day, you may charge your generator and still continue to get that quiet power. That is really what I’m after, it’s acquired numerous AC plugs here, I imply you would plug in a whole lot of various things at the same time.

You can learn the full story here.

Final Words

Bluetti Ac200P Fault Codes – I feel folks can truly buy this one because I’ve by no means been able to kill my previous Bluetti’s. I feel this will be an ideal unit for most people. So, I’m really fairly impressed up to now. It handed my inverter check and there’s just one different generator available on the market that has achieved that.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with this setup. My favorite function is that it’s quiet and that you could charge it with solar. That’s so good for smaller off-grid purposes, RV van life, cabin life, tent life. This is all actually nice for taking moveable power with you to care for everything you must off-grid.

Go test it out, I’ll put a hyperlink below this is the Bluetti ac200 2000 watts off-grid generator completely silent. My favorite half, this will be the site of our future cabin, our off-grid cabin here, and the generator is going to return in so helpful for each the building project and just being right here off-grid.

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  1. I have had nothing but problems with my Bluetti.(AC200p) I’ve tried contacting seller but he tells me to take it apart and check the ribbon cable. I’m completely at a loss supposedly has a warranty but Bluetti will not honor it. My codes is 041 bms temperature code. I’ve had this problem since April restarting it work for a few months but now it just shuts down after a few minutes no charge or power.

    1. Customers have 2 years warranty. You can email/phone them to tell them your issue, and prepare your warranty card.

      Email :[email protected]
      Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm(PST)

    2. I’ve had 041 fault as well. Seems like when cold (below freezing) and I have instant 24V 150W charge going (clear snow off solar panels), it puts it into alarm and disconnects input charge from solar. Only way to get it operational is bring unit inside and warm it up then bring back out and it it seems to start charging again. First winter I’ve had it for my off grid cabin so I’ve been experimenting.

  2. Ricky Xiong

    Where are the rest of the fault codes, having issues with code 32.

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