Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station



Recharge Via 700W Solar Panel (Actual Input Solar Power) And The Attached 400W AC Adapter Simultaneously (Total 1100W) Which Takes Only Around 2.5-3 Hours To Fully Recharge The AC200P.

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Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station – Large capacity, high power solar power station. Whether it is your home’s high-power equipment or outdoor work of high-power equipment, it can continue to power. Bluetti ac200p is also a necessity when you have to face severe energy shortages.

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh 2000W
Rated Capacity2000Wh/2000WCycle Life3500+ Cycles
Open For Full Specifications

Higher Output/Larger Capacity

Huge Capacity 2000Wh Power Station With High AC Inverter Load Continous 2000W, Surge 4800W. Specially Designed For High-Power Devices Such As Electric Grill, Window Air Conditioner, Drill, Kettle, Coffee Maker(Max 2000W), Built-In LiFePo4 Battery Cell, Safety & Quality Are Rest Assured.3500+ Super Long Life Cycle, Higher Discharge Rate.

17 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices

  • 6*AC Outlets(Pure Sine Wave) For Most Household Appliance Under 2000W Such As Blender, Vacuums, Refrigerator, Household Dryer, Steam Mops.1*DC12V/10A Constant 12V For Car Powered Devices.
  • 2* DC 12V/3A For Led Light,Router.1*DC12V/25A For DIYer, RV, And Some Car-Powered Device With Higher Current.
  • 1*PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge For PD Type-C Devices Such As Macbook, Macbook Air/Pro, And Others.
  • 2*Wireless Charging (Max 15W), And 4*5V/3A USB-A For Smartphone, Tablet, Led Lamp, And Other 5V Usb Devices.

It Is Perfect For Outdoor Adventure, Camping, Power Outage, And Emergency.

Flexible 5-way charging

  • AC Adapter (Included): 500W
  • Car Charger (Included): 12V/ 24V
  • Solar Panel (Not Included): 35-150v/Max.700W,Max12A
  • Generator: Gasoline, Propane, Or Diesel
  • Lead Acid Battery(Max 8.2A)

Interactive smart-touch LCD display

With The Smart Touchable LCD Screen, Real-Time Display Shows Current, Voltage, Power, Temperature And Charging Status. Users Can Independently Alter The Output Voltage, Frequency, Charging Mode, Etc.

Our Unique “Bluetti ECO” Mode Can Prevent Up To 50% Of Wasted Electricity Loss. It Will Automatically Power Down When The Output Is Lower Than 50W For 4 Hours, Just In Case You Forget To Turn It Off.

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12 reviews for Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station

  1. Deborah Gonsalves (verified owner)

    So far so good

    Just fully charged it. So far so good. Box was delivered, but had a rip on the side of the box that went through were I could touch the bluetti . Thankful it was not scratched nor dented.

    1 product
  2. Charuvuthi Upatham (verified owner)

    Good investment.

    AC200P Bluetti is one of the most powerful solar generator and the price is right!

    1 product
  3. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied customer

    So far, with the little we’ve been able to use/test our new power station, we are very happy. The size and weight of this backup power source make it very portable. We now feel better protected in the event there is a power outage in our neighborhood and look forward to purchasing companion solar panels soon.

    1 product
  4. Forest Lionhart (verified owner)

    This thing rocks!

    This thing is freaking sweet! It’s great to have peace of mind knowing I can harness the power of the sun to generator the power I need to run my lifestyle. You guys rock! Only thing I could have wished for was an app for remote control and visibility.

    1 product
  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Larger Power Station

    Got it to use with my camper, it powers everything including the airconditioner and microwave. Love this machine and it is really convenient for my camper life.

    1 product
  6. Justin McCreary (verified owner)

    Quality product, lives up to its claims

    great timing for this products release ,very changeable times. The bluetti AC200P will cover essentials, I have plenty of sun here in the south west ,We do what we can to prepare, and commit ourselves to the Lord

    1 product
  7. Audrey Morton (verified owner)

    So far so good

    1 product
  8. Brett Strong (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product and great company with excellent customer service

    1 product
  9. Stewart Reynolds (verified owner)

    used this unit to charge all of my phones, ipads and run my laptop several times. then recharged the unit with 400 Watts of solar panels

    1 product
  10. Maureen England (verified owner)


    Fast delivery! I wish i was given the option to purchase the Solar panels at a discount when I made my initial purchase. The pricing and the amount of panels i would receive was confusing. I passed on Solar panel purchase for that reason.

    1 product
  11. Curtis Campbell (verified owner)

    AC200P Fantastic Solar Generator!

    Used the AC200P to run medical equipment for camping. Could have bought something smaller. But wanted a battery big enough to last a few days if weather conditions weren’t well or didn’t have time to recharge the generator that day.

    Even though I purchased primarily for this reason. I have found many other uses for this generator that I haven’t though of before. The possibilities are endless.

    I purchased this product along with 6 120W solar panels. Only recharged once using this method under cloudy conditions, and still was able generate electricity.

    Can’t say enough good things about this product! Only issues is the screen is hard to see in bright conditions and is heavy to move. Kinda wished there was hard buttons to click, but the touch screen is still awesome!

    1 product
  12. Benoit Reid (verified owner)

    Nice integrated product, but losing energy

    Nice integrated product, very easy to use. However I have noticed that only for its own display and internal electronics, it is losing about 15% of its energy daily when kept on. So basically, after 6-7 days staying on without load, it is drained. I want to keep it on, because I use it to power small car fridge for long trips and the ECO mode would not work for me.

    1 product
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