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EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test

EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test

EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test – I’ve unplugged my full-size refrigerator at the house. Here you can see the cord right here, it was plugged in just right down there. I’ve recently unplugged this, it’s maybe been unplugged for five minutes, or something just to simulate what would happen if you actually lost power in a blackout.

EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test

We will open it right now, and you can see no lights are on. It’s completely off, it’s still pretty cold though to simulate, as if you have just lost power, maybe 5-10 minutes to find your Ecoflow Delta bring it up, and let me see what happens.

EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test

So, I’m gonna turn it on. We’ve got 48 percent, gonna go around a turn-in, the back turn on the AC side. You can hear some of these bands start to kick on. I’m going to plug this in. It’s a little hard to do with one hand, so that’s now plugged in, turn it around, and as we tell everybody, fridges take very little power.

It’s registering zero because when I open this, you can see there is power. Now, the light still works and stuff, but if the fridge is already cooled, let’s say it’s the power’s gone out, you’ve got 10 minutes without power. Everything is still pretty cold in there, so it really takes almost no energy to run. You can keep your fridge cold, and keep it going for hours and hours on one of these things.

EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test

And then, I open it up, for example, it’s opened and to keep it cold, when it’s open, it’s 124 watts right there. That’s with the freezer and the fridge. Let’s see what happens if I close, just the freezer 83 watts. So, that’s 83 watts if I wanted to leave this door open to cool down the house, 1300 divided by that’d be around 13 hours.

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EcoFlow Delta 1800 Fridge Test
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That I could keep this door open running just like this on a single charge with the EcoFlow, close that down to zero. So, there’s just a little demonstration of what a real-world situation would be like if you lost power, and how you could actually use the Ecoflow Delta here to keep all your food in your fridge and your freezer safe.

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