EcoFlow Delta MAX Story

EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – Off Grid Portable Power

EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – Off Grid Portable Power – So, for about the last year, I’ve really enjoyed testing out portable power stations. Now, I love them because they are fantastic for days out for camping trips, when you’re off-grid and there’s no electricity, or just having all that power with you in cases of emergencies or blackouts in your house as well. And I’ve tested quite a lot, and this one is by far the best one out there.

EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – Off Grid Portable Power

Now, I’m going to be going through the article today, and this is by EcoFlow, the Delta Max version. They do loads of different power stations, and this is like the creme de la creme of actual power stations. And comparable to other power stations, a big advantage of this is that you can get 80 charges from flat in only one hour. And let me tell you just how brilliant that is comparable to some others of this size power station, takes about six to ten hours, and you can get this in one hour. So, that’s great.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

EcoFlow DELTA Max
EcoFlow DELTA Max
Price: $2,099.00 $1,999.00
The Voyager, this folding model is QuietKat’s smallest and most portable bike, featuring a folding frame and folding steering column, concealed battery and rear hub motor.


EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – Overview

On the front of it, here is a display, and this also is good because it doesn’t just give you a bar or a battery bar, it tells you exactly how long in hours or minutes of the actual power you’ve got. The input and the output power as well, and this has got two handles on it. So, it is still fairly portable, and we have used this in a variety of different situations. I take this out in the back of my car, so I’ve always got power with me. If we go out for the day, it’s able to change everything for a day out for a camping trip. We can go out camping. I’m going to be talking about those throughout this article as well.

EcoFlow Delta MAX StoryEcoFlow Delta MAX Story

So, in terms of actual specs, what are the actual specs on this power station? In terms of power, this has 2,016 watts of power available just from this station, on the back of the station, you can plug in external power stations as well. You could have multiple ones of these taking up to a huge 6,000 watts of power available. And you’re only going to really need that much unless you’re maybe going out camping for a couple of weeks, or maybe as a complete home backup unit.

You really don’t need that, but getting something like this as an all-in-one is going to give you 2,016 watts of power. With all this power, what could you do? Well, if you go out for a day out, and you’ve got your phone or your kid’s phone that needs charging, we could charge a phone 178 times, you could charge a DJI Mini 2 drone 48 times. Have you got a mini-fridge? You want to take with you on a camping trip, well, you could charge that and power that for 33 hours.

You might want to take a TV with power on this, you could have a TV going for 33 hours. You could charge a laptop 30 times. It really is brilliant, and we’ve only really started going camping the last couple of years, and most of the camping trips we go on. Now, we select places which don’t have power because we don’t need to, because we’ve always got our own portable power which then allows us to be able to select more different camping sites often better ones, or ones maybe that aren’t as busy not as crowded, and you’ve got this and also for days out, you’ve always got power with you. So, for road trips these are perfect. Now, you don’t have to get the Eco Max version, they do really small ones. You do more ones that are portable, but I like this because I basically got all that power with me.

EcoFlow AppEcoFlow App

If we look at the front of, you’ve got this really nice bright display. You’ve also got the EcoFlow app which is great as well. You can put this onto your phone, and then from the app, you can see what devices are charging and how much power each device is charging as well. And you can select and disconnect or connect these remotely as well. So, if your kid is using all the power because they’re charging all their Ipads, you could just go into the app, and just click disconnect and then make sure that your devices are going to get the priority charge.

We can do this all from the app as well. So, that’s really good. So, on the front of it, you’ve got two USB A ports, you’ve also got another two USB A ports which are fast charge. So, that’s perfect for just giving your phone a boost of fast-charge ports. You’ve also got two USB C ports on the front of it as well, and then this is how you just select and get them all going just by pressing that all the USB A ports and the USB C ports will now be powered. And there’s a click of the button, and that stops it on display. You can see that they’ve got a wi-fi marker, that’s to say that my wi-fi is connected with my phone app as well. We’ll just flip it around and show you what’s on the other side as well. On the side, this is where you would connect different power. So, if you’ve got more EcoFlows, you can combine them all together. You’ve got the fence on the side, and then we’re just going to flip it around, and show you what’s on the other side relating to the different plug outlets.

Now, on the back of it, you can connect three amp outlets into these two different ports, and you can also connect something via a cigarette lighter as well, that will power that, without no problem. And then on here, you’ve got four outlets. This is capable of powering 2,400 watts devices. So, for this, I can charge my 16-inch MacBook pro on here with no problem, able to take the laptop with me. I always have this in the back of the car or transported around with me. And then I’ve always got power. So, if I’m on a shoot and I’m flying the drones, and I want to edit it directly, I can do so within the car. And then, it will charge the laptop without any issues whatsoever.

EcoFlow ChargingEcoFlow Charging

Now, this attachment at the top is also where you can attach a solar panel. So, a massive advantage of this system compared to others is related to the solar panel. The solar panel that you can buy with this will provide you not only 160 watts of power, and that will then power your devices throughout the day when you’ve got nice daylight. It will charge your devices when connected to this, but it will also charge your EcoFlow as well. So, that is great throughout the day.

EcoFlow Solar Panel

Now, this is a bonus compared to other different power stations is, that the solar panels are waterproof. They come in this nice carry case, and the carry case turns also into a stand. It’s really unique, how it just folds out in about 10 seconds, you get a really long lead. So, you can connect this and have this in an actual building and then your solar panel outside. Now, because it’s waterproof, you could go out for the day, and then it’s actually charging your power station and your devices whilst.

EcoFlow Solar PanelEcoFlow Solar Panel

You’re not worried about it it’s going to get wet or not. And now, all the different manufacturers who have solar panels with their power stations most of them aren’t waterproof. So, it negates a lot of the opportunity to charge your devices because you’re always worried, especially, in England, is it going to rain or not. So, solar panels are a fantastic addition. This power station will power pretty much anything in your house.

EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – Performance

And over the last couple of weeks over the Christmas holiday season, we have used this. And I want to demonstrate not only when we’ve been on days out where it can handle charging things like your phone or iPad with no problem. But also when I’ve been to my favorite locations like the forest where I did the recent drone films. It was able to recharge my drones on the go with no problem, power my 16-inch MacBook which is a huge battery on it, power that without any issue.

And I’ve always got massive amounts of power to spare. So, what I did is, I went out for the day, I charged my laptop, I charged the Mavic 3, the mini 2, my phone, and I also brought it back home, and this was able to power several other devices around the house.

Now, this is an absolute beast around the house, and it can power pretty much any appliance or any device. The only appliance it cannot actually do from my personal experience is the tumble dryer, anything that provides heat uses so much power and electricity then that’s where they seem to struggle. But this aside from the tumble dryer, it was a monster. So, this can easily power, in case of a power surge or an outage, you’ve got backup power.

It was able to power the fridge with no problem, same with the washing machine. So, these are big appliances, and it is handled, it no issues. What about more things, like a toaster? So, you’re on that camping trip, you want to take your toaster, you want to buy some rubbish little camping toaster, you want to take your toaster with you. This can power the toaster, you could power the coffee machine even the microwave, and it gives you on the display the number of hours or minutes that you could do this for.

Delta Max PerformanceDelta Max Performance

So, over the holiday season, this was able to power all of our Christmas lights, indoors outdoors not a problem simultaneously. You could connect different lights to this, and that could power them. But for a bit of fun, I wanted to see can this actually powers a hot tub, and believe it, not or yes, it could.

So, I got our hot tub outside, I drained all the water, I fully deflated it, and I was able to inflate the hot tub fully using all the power. From the hot tub, all just connected to this, once it’s fully inflated, I filled it with water, and this was able to heat the water, and then also put the jets on. And have the jets running all connected to this. It’s absolutely incredible, and you’re not going to get hours of it, but this was saying on the display that could keep the jets going and the heater for 40 minutes on one charge of this, which is just outstanding.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

EcoFlow DELTA Max
EcoFlow DELTA Max
Price: $2,099.00 $1,999.00
The Voyager, this folding model is QuietKat’s smallest and most portable bike, featuring a folding frame and folding steering column, concealed battery and rear hub motor.


Final EcoFlow Delta MAX Story

I’ve never been able to connect different appliances around the house to a power station like this, and it just keeps saying come on, give me some more. It’s truly really good. So, for those situations where you’re going to need some power, maybe a camping trip is the most obvious one, I just got several devices around the house, and connected them all up to this. So, I’ve got a 16 inch MacBook pro, I’ve got an iPad pro with a pencil, a mini 2, an iPhone 13, 2 camera batteries, and there’s still tons of power remaining on this.

EcoFlow Delta MAX Story – So, on this camping trip we went on, I had everything connected up to this for our night stay. So, we had different lights out at night, we had a portable fridge, we had three iPads, about four phones connected to this. And then, the next day when we woke up even with that fridge running all night, we still had 45 batteries on this. So, it’s incredible and if we wanted to, we could then once we got home plug it in an hour later, I’d have 80 charges. This is great, and I really do like portable power, and they do different ones. If you want a lot smaller, it’s not going to be as powerful, but they do loads of different versions of this, which is the EcoFlow max.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro
EcoFlow Delta Pro
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EcoFLow Delta Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh.
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