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EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews – This is EcoFlow’s, new Delta Pro system, the latest in a long line of Delta products. This one has more features and is better almost in every single way than any model before it. One of the most important features is that it is modular in design which means that is part of a larger group of devices that together can power your entire home or office but also can be used alone to power a trip to the beach for example, or camping, or a detached garage, or an off-road property.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

Delta Pro Features

The main unit has a 3,600 watt-hour battery coupled to a 3,600 watts pure sine inverter that can power up to 4,500 watts devices that are compatible with their x-boost feature. This is any resistive load that is able to operate at lower than 120 volt AC like heaters, ovens, and light,s and those sorts of devices. The Delta Pro is also the first Delta to support RV used through its 12 volt Anderson power pole port capable of up to 30 amps.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

It also has a regular cigarette lighter 12 volts port and a couple of DC 5521 ports. It has an ethernet remote control port for an optional remote controller. A new port called infinity port can be used to fast charge. The unit using a standard J1772 electric car charging station, and also serves as a port to link 2 deltas together to power 220 volt AC devices in your home. Now, to do that, you will have to get two units and an optional smart home panel that supports up to 10 circuits. It has wi-fi connectivity, it’s UL approved but will require a certified licensed electrician to install it.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

The front panel has the same cool LCD display that tells you the run time in hours as well as in a percentage and the energy coming in as well as what is coming out of the unit. It has a typical assortment of USB power ports that all the previous versions had.

Further down, we come to the AC port section, where you get 4 up to 20 amp max sockets, and for the very first time, the 30 amp 120 volt AC socket giving you yet another way to power your RV vehicle. On the backside, you get your solar port which is 11 to 150 volts DC 12 amp max which equals about 1.200 watts. Next, you get your fast-slow custom button that’s a very interesting thing, because, for the very first time, you can throttle down your charging.

AC port section

This unit could charge at a speed of 1,800 watts max, but if you want to slow down, to save your battery, or maybe because you have a plug that can support 1800 watts well, this button allows you to slow it down. But, here’s another thing a hack that was found by users on the internet, the charging port for the first time can do a 100 to 200 volt AC max. So, if you were to plug this unit into a 240 volts socket that means your unit can charge up to 3,600 watts, and that will charge your unit in less than one hour.

fast-slow custom button

So, not only can you throttle it down, but you can also double the speed of charging. Here, as you can see the list of features on this new model is long, and we’re not even close to being done.

Expansion Batteries

The expansion batteries available for this system are among the smartest I’ve seen in any system yet. The level of integration is total, and you don’t have to worry about managing an extra device. The battery simply becomes part of the whole system. You don’t have to worry about charging an extra battery or turning it on enough, it just follows the lead of the main unit which is pretty smart now. There’s no arguing that this system is the easiest to set up and manage.

Expansion Batteries

I mean, it literally took me minutes to go from the shipping box to connection, to my critical load generator panel to serve as a backup to my building, just like that. I’m ready for a power outage, event but what happens if you run out of battery, I mean, it’s not going to last forever. Well, EcoFlow again is the first to give you some of these options here first to charge, you have the grid, right? And you can charge slow, fast, or super-fast using that hack mentioned before.

Right now, if for some reason the grid is not available, well, you always have solar charging up to 1,200 watts. But, if for some reason, you can use solar to charge the unit rate either, because you can’t set up solar panels, or because of due to bad weather right, well, EcoFlow is releasing a gas power generator, that’s right, a regular all gas generator, but with the cool integration features.

First of all, it looks just like the rest of the system. You have the same screen at the front of the unit that lets you know exactly what’s happening. Second, it has a cable that connects it, and you can remotely set the system to start the generator automatically when it hits a target that you can remotely set using the mobile app.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow Delta Pro
EcoFlow Delta Pro
Price: $3,599.00
EcoFLow Delta Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh.

Conclusion EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

Now, in my opinion, this is the most complete and beautiful system on the market today. But, the beauty doesn’t stop on the outside. The inside of this unit is full of good design execution, starting with the lithium-ion phosphate battery pack, the use of printed circuit boards to connect all the voltage, and the temperature sensor leads, keeps the wire harnesses to a minimum. The BMS port is one of the biggest I’ve seen, and rightly, not only does it have to manage the internal battery pack, but it also has to manage up to 2 external packs.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

The way they combine the charger and inverter, two of the biggest components of a unit like this into the same unit. It’s simply genius, as it’s the way they built all the power electronics into the same internal enclosure. Allowing for a very simple yet, effective cooling system.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews

Now, why does any of this matter someone might ask? And the short answer is that good design means reliability, and further good design means that EcoFlow was able to keep the components count low, which means that each unit is faster easier, and cheaper to manufacture, and all those savings many times are passed down to us, the user. Good design also means that if and when things do go wrong when your unit needs to be serviced, it will be easier to get it done, and a good example of this is the fact that this whole device can be disassembled with one Phillips screwdriver and one Allen key. If you need to replace the BMS board, for example, one tool that’s it, that’s all you need to get it done. And that is good design,  and it’s good for everyone.

Now, there are many more things that can be said about this product. This EcoFlow Delta Pro Reviews is already running long, and it has to be summed up.

Well, the Delta Pro is the best product I’ve seen this year, and it’s the closest thing to the coveted Tesla Powerwall. And in many ways, it’s way better, it’s more versatile, it’s cheaper, it’s smaller, it’s a whole lot easier to install, and so on, and so on. So, there you go, if you must own the best portable power pack that money can buy, the Delta Pro is for you.


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Best Seller
EcoFlow DELTA Max
EcoFlow DELTA Max
MSRP Price: $1,799.00 (Discount on Checkout)
If you’re looking for more power during an outage, you can connect two DELTA Pro units to the Smart Home Panel. This method gives you up to 7200W through your home circuits and provides power for 240V devices

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