EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator – Today, guys we’re going to be talking about the Ecoflow Delta their newest and largest solar generator as well as their company, an 85-watt solar panel. Before we get into all of the testings and the specs of this thing, you are probably reading this article because you’re interested in solar generators.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

So, let me just tell you a couple of things that are unique about this EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator that some other units are missing. One is that to charge this from an AC outlet like in your house, or of your generator, you only need this cord. You don’t actually need one of those big black boxes. Everything is done internally. On top of that, you can charge this guy up to 1200 Watts from your wall.  It’s gonna charge really quickly, around 2 hours to get a full 100% charge from zero using only this cord.

EcoFlow Delta Quick Look

Another thing is, that the solar input on this can go up to 65 volts. That’s quite a bit higher than a lot of other models as well. Another thing that I think is really unique about this particular unit here is the
display that they have. It’s a really smart display, it changes depending on what you’re actually doing with it, and so if you’re charging the unit, then right here this big number is actually going to tell you how much longer you have.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

If you continue charging at the same rate until it’s fully charged, then if you’re using the unit it will tell
you, how much time you have left using it at that current rate until the battery is dead.

So, first of all, you can see, we’ve got two carrying handles right here. You can’t carry it with one hand if
you’re fairly strong but two hands are a lot more comfortable. On the front right here, we do have that display that I was talking about, right where you can see the input the output Watts, what percent
the battery is at, and then how long it will run depending on how much you’re using.

And so, standing by right here, it says ninety-nine hours. There’s not a third digit, right, so that’s as high as it can go. Down here, we’ve got USB and fast charge, USB to USB-C ports, and the power button
right here to turn on any of these ports right here, you got a push and hold. The DC the light will come on and then you can use these ports. We’ll test these out.

We come around to this side right here, and this is actually the charging side. So, right here, we’ve got our 110 comings in and then this is for our solar panels and the car charger. Around the backside here,  we’ve got the AC on the button that will hold, that light comes on, and it turns on and then you can plug in this kind of plugs into here, like that.

Okay, so you don’t need any kind of adapter. There’s a hole right here for the ground plug and of course,  right down here is the 12-volt car outlet.

EcoFlow Delta MacBook Test

The first thing I’d like to test out here is whether or not this will actually charge my MacBook Pro. Here 15-inch MacBook Pro go ahead and plug this into one of the USB-C ports. Plug it into the computer here, let’s just check it alright, it’s not even turning it on. It’s totally dead, so we’ll go ahead and plug that in,  then we turn on the DC power, and we’re charging at about 37 – 38 watts for it.

It’s going up says that we can charge for about 49 watt-hours, 47 watt-hours, get some fluctuation there.
Alright, so that’s good, it will charge my MacBook Pro. It’s an important part to me.

Let’s go ahead, and put it under a pretty serious load and see how it handles that.

EcoFlow Delta Load Test

We’re using 475 Watts, says it’ll go for two hours at this pace. Let’s go ahead, and click it up too high,
seems to be running. It just fine. We’re actually only running it at sixteen hundred and 48 watts. So,  below what the appliance is actually rated for, and it says it will do it for 38 minutes neither one of those two tests was really groundbreaking.

Of course, it should be able to run a hairdryer and charge up a MacBook Pro but we’re gonna
take it out to the tool shed put it under some other tests.

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Delta And Table Saw Test

Most of my tools are all cordless and of course, this guy right here would be able to charge all of those batteries,  but I do have a table saw, and a chop saw here, then we’re gonna go ahead and test out.

All right, flip this guy, on overload warning. That was a no-go, let’s try it again. We’ll watch the Watts over here this time. It’s an instant fail, it will not run it.

This guy’s rated right here at 120 volts, 15 amps which are 1800 watts. Let’s just check the bottom of this guy again, right here real quick, and we noticed that it is rated for 1800 watts with a surge of 3,300 watts. So apparently, the surge on this bad boy is more than the inverter can handle.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

Delta  And Chop Saw Test

Let’s try the chop saw. This guy right here is also rated at 15 amps, but maybe we’ll find something
different here. All right, here we go, no-go overload protection right here again. All right, so full-size tools, at least the full-size tools I have, it’s not gonna run.

Delta  And Chainsaw Test

What about an electric chainsaw? This guy is only rated at 8 amps. Now, this could actually be pretty
cool. We do a lot of limbs trimming around here, far away from our generator shed, and our solar shed, and so to be able to take a portable unit out with an extension cord, and be trimming trees.

That’d be pretty cool, go ahead and plug our extension cord into here. We got our saw plugged into our extension cord here. Let’s hope it works.

It works and let’s see how well to cut through this two by six and see if it doesn’t trip then. No problem there. Lets you can see, how many watts that’s actually using, that seemed to add about another hundred
watts or so to the draw on the saw which is going to decrease the amount of time you can cut for, but I still think, it’s pretty practical for that. We’re gonna have to try that out this spring.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

I’m gonna go ahead and drain this guy down to zero then we’ll charge it back up and test it out on the refrigerator.

Solar Panel Test

Check out the sky, it’s beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. We should be making a maximum amount of
power here with the Ecoflow accompanying the right solar panel for their Delta unit. A pretty simple setup here.

We just got this, pretty long cable, and just toss that over there. So, it’s over in the right spot. You just
plug these guys in right here. These are standard MC4 connectors. This cable you could use with any solar panel as long as it’s not too large for the solar generator.

Now, we’ll just come over here, and let’s just check it here right now. Zero percent, the battery is dead. So, just take this bad boy right here, open that up, plug it right in there. All right, let’s see here, we’re making what 17 watts, 14 Watts, 23, 71, it’s bouncing all around.

Let me show you, my trick here. Okay for setting up a solar panel perfectly, take something like this, a toilet paper roll, a block of wood whatever you’re gonna set it on there. Okay, and you want to adjust it, so that basically. It’s not casting any shadow.

Let me show you on this one, see, that shadow this solar panel needs to be adjusted to right about there, to make it perfect. I’m gonna go ahead and adjust these.

Watch the video for further tests.

Final Thought

The Eco Flow Delta boasts the same power as traditional gasoline home generators, but without the gas, noise, emissions, maintenance, or weight. Featuring a capacity of 1300Wh and an output of 1800W, DELTA is able to charge anything from your electric vehicle to your workshop tools on your tailgate.

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