EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with DELTA Pro

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with DELTA Pro

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with DELTA Pro – How to use it? In this video, we’ll show you how to use the Ecoflow smart home panel. With a smart home panel, you can directly integrate the delta pro ecosystem with your home circuit via the infinity ports. Once integrated, your delta pro ecosystem can serve as a source of power for your home and have smart functionality via the Ecoflow app.

How to use EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with DELTA Pro

Ideal for backups or for a renewable alternative to your grid. The smart home panel acts as an intermediary between your delta pro and your home electrical system. You can connect up to 10 circuits per smart home panel. This way to enable emergency power supply and smart energy management. On the front of the panel, you’ll find two infinity ports to connect delta pro, and on/off buttons for the infinity ports.

Smart Home PanelDelta Pro
EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with DELTA Pro

There is a power station pause button in the middle to immediately disconnect the power supply from delta pro. Open the door on the front, and you’ll see circuit indicators. You will also find an IoT reset button, press this to connect to the app. Taking a look at the Ecoflow app, not only can monitor battery levels, but you can also turn on or off a given circuit, you can also view metrics to get a visual representation of your energy usage.

EcoFlow App

First of all, let’s explore emergency power when a blackout, hits the panel automatically, draws power from your delta pro ecosystem keeping all 10 circuits or selected circuits powered during an emergency. If you’ve opted for the full delta pro ecosystem, you can power your home for days during a blackout. Day-to-day energy management is also made more efficient with the smart home panel.

The circuits, you previously integrated can be monitored directly, from the Ecoflow app allowing you to check your consumption or even turn on or off a given circuit. The benefits don’t stop there. Delta pro can be charged using renewable sources, then once you hit peak hours, your home will switch to delta pro as its source. Saving you money on your electricity bill. Going clean smart and efficient is made simple with the Ecoflow smart home panel that’s a rundown on the Ecoflow smart home panel.


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Limited Offer
EcoFlow Delta Pro
EcoFlow Delta Pro
MSRP Price: $3,699
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EcoFLow Delta Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh.
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