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Bluetti AC500 Tutorial

Bluetti AC500 Tutorial

Bluetti AC500 Tutorial – As a modular station the AC500 can accept external battery packs and boost its capacity to a max of 18,432 watt-hours. Whether you’re looking for emergency backup or off-grid power, AC500 has got you covered. Inside the package, you’ll get the AC500, ac charging cable, dc input cable, car charging cable user manual, and warranty card.

Bluetti AC500 Tutorial

You can also opt for other useful accessories from the official site like a 50 amp ac charging cable, lead acid battery charging cable, RV cable, etc. As for AC500’s best mate, the B300 expansion battery is rated at 3,072 watt-hours per unit, enough to run your devices for a long while. it can charge your drone about 50 times, your laptop 38 times, or run your mini-fridge for 40 hours.

AC500 Descriptions

Back to AC500, introducing the ac output section, 3 standard 20 amp AC outlets, 1 L14-30 receptacle, TT-30 receptacle, and NEMA 14-50 receptacle which are sure to handle everything plugged in. In the DC output section, one 12 volts/30 amps RV port, one 24 volts/10 amps cigarette lighter port, two 100 watts USB-C, USB-A ports. AC500 also has two wireless charging pads. As for recharging, AC500 adopts the capping portals. All the way up, the ac input, dc1 dc2 input, and communication port, two battery expansion ports.

Bluetti AC500 TutorialBluetti AC500 Tutorial


How To Start AC500?

AC500 needs to work with B300s battery packs. So, connect them first. Please note that you should push the button to lock Press and hold the power button either on AC500, or B300s to start up the combo. Now you can use them to run your devices. If you want to power OFF press and hold the button until the light goes off.

AC500 B300sConnect AC500 B300s


The touch screen provides you with direct access to AC500 and you’re able to keep everything in control. Press the AC OFF button and select ON, your working partners (drone, laptop, smartphone, or else) are ready to roll. AC500 supports ups function. Including standard UPS, time control UPS, PV priority UPS, and customized UPS.

  • Standard UPS – your AC500 is charged to 100 SoC and takes over to power your gadgets when the grid goes out.
  • PV priority ups – you can collect as much solar power as possible which will pay you back in the long run

If you want to use the DC outlets, press DC OFF and select ON.

Bluetti AC500 TutorialBluetti AC500 Tutorial

Meanwhile, wireless charging is also available. Set your phone right down the center. It’ll charge at a very slow rate or not at all. The battery SoC tells the real-time status of all connected battery packs. Press PV, and you’ll see the energy and voltage from the PV input port.

Similarly, you can check the ac input, dc output, and ac output information. Enter settings, and you can customize the working mode, system settings, etc. Back to the home page, enter the data page where you can check the product info. Press an item, and you’ll see the specific information.  If there is any error, please contact our customer service with the error.

How To Charge AC500?

You can charge your AC500 using AC, solar, car, and lead acid battery power. You can also use ac and dc input simultaneously.

  • AC charging – connect the ac500 to an ac power source via the cable.
  • Generator – you should follow the same steps to charge the ac500 with the generator.
  • Solar charging – connect the solar panels in series or parallel to AC500, and check the PV connection on the LCD screen.
  • car charging – like solar charging, you need the DC input cable and the car charging cable too. Insert the DC cable into the PV input port.
  • Lead acid battery –  it resembles a car charging with the same cables and settings too.
  • For other charging methods, you need extra accessories.

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Bluetti AC500 Tutorial – Split phase

Build a split phase system

We need two AC500 units together with the P030a fusion box, and communication cable. Such a system will get you 240 volts and up to 7,200 watts. If you add 12 B300s battery modules, you’re creating the toughest bluetti power supply ever. First look at the P030a fusion box. It has a 200 to 240 volt/30 amp L14-30 socket, two 100 to 120 volt/30 amp TT-30 sockets, and four 100 to 120 volt/20 amp sockets. The communication cable is included with the P030a.

the P030a fusion boxP030a fusion box and communication cable

We’re going to hook up 4 B300s battery modules in addition to 2 AC500 units. Use this communication cable to wire the AC500 units together. Note here, keep the notch up, plug in, and twist to lock. Repeat this step with the other AC500. Now, we’re ready to connect the P030a.

communication portscommunication ports

Insert 2 plugs into the 30A TT-30 sockets, and set both AC500 to split phase mode. Tap “Settings”, next, and change the single phase to a split phase. Choose one as the master unit, and repeat to set split phase on the other ac500. Make it our slave unit. The hint is that two masters or two slaves are not allowed in a split-phase system. Activate the system by enabling the AC output on the master unit. The LED indicators light up when we’ve completed the system successfully.

LCD SettingLCD Setting
LCD SettingLCD Setting

Now, it’s time to plug in your 240 volts device with the p030a fusion box. All AC outlets in the system will provide a total of 7,200 watts. In other words, you can use the remaining outlets if your device is rated below that.

For example, we’ve prepared the split-phase AC charging cable to charge the whole system. Plug in and twist to lock. Both AC500s are connected to the wall outlets. Either of the AC500s can also be recharged with solar power.

complete systemcomplete system


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