EcoFlow Smart Generator Review

EcoFlow Smart Generator Review

EcoFlow Smart Generator Review – in today’s article, we’re looking at a brand new gasoline-powered generator from Ecoflow. Now, that might surprise you since Ecoflow makes so many battery-powered units, but this smart generator is nothing like any other gas generator that you’ve ever used.

EcoFlow Smart Generator Review

The smart generator is an 1800 watts gasoline-powered generator. Now, inside is an inverter which means it puts out pure sine wave power. This model is very similar to the Honda EU 2200i but this Ecoflow has two key features that even the honda doesn’t have. When you first purchase one, this is what you’ll get which means before you can use it, you do need to add oil and gasoline to the generator.

EcoFlow Smart Generator Review

Easy ways to start

And that’s easy to do because you give this maintenance cover on the side that gives you access to everything. The most important thing is that plug them connecting to that small blue battery. Because this generator has electric start. Now, that was one of the most requested features on honda’s line of small generators that unfortunately never happened. And you can start the generator manually as well using the built-in pull starter on the side and similar honda models you’ve got.

Easy ways to start

This fuel shut-off valve on the side also turns the electrical power off and on. You’re not going to bother with that pull start much because you can just push a button and the unit didn’t start. This was because it was the very first time trying to start the generator up. So, I probably needed some gas on the carburetor. I figured no big deal. I went to press the button again, and to my surprise, the generator actually restarted itself.

Because it knew, it wasn’t successful the first time, and that’s a pretty cool feature. But this one is even better. This is the only generator on the market that is a front-mounted display. This is exactly what people have been asking for. You’ve got an hour meter, that tells you the amount of wattage the generator is putting out, and finally, you’ve actually got a digital fuel gauge.

It calculates the exact amount of run time, based on the amount of wattage that the generator is putting out. The generator also has built-in carbon monoxide detection, and to access the power, you’ve got a 20 amp 120 volts outlet right on the front of the unit. And just like other Ecoflow devices, they all tie directly into the free app which means you can see everything that’s going on with the generator.

Control and monitor with the EcoFlow app

Most importantly, you can even start and stop the generator remotely from your phone. This works great as a regular gas generator, but what’s under this port is completely different. This is what they call the extra battery port. This allows you to directly connect to an Ecoflow device like the Delta Max or the Delta Pro.

You might be thinking big deal, you could use any gasoline generator to charge up your battery. But this one does it a lot differently. I told you that that cable doesn’t just contain power. It also communicates and that means when you plug that smart generator into your Delta Max or Pro, it can actually start and stop the generator automatically, but only when you need it.

Smart emergency power

And here’s how it works, you plug one end of the cable into the back of your Delta Max or Pro, and the other end goes into the smart generator. Here, I’m just running the small heater, but you could have it connected directly to your house or even connect in solar panels and an ac charging line.

And when you run out of power, that’s when the smart generator will kick in. In fact, they pre-program it. So, when the battery gets to 20 percent, it’ll automatically tell the smart generator to start up and start charging the Delta Pro’s batteries. And now, the smart generator will automatically run until the battery on the Delta is fully charged, or you can pick a setting that you want.

You can control exactly when that smart generator starts, and when it stops. That’s why having an app like this makes such a huge difference even if you’re not a techie. This thing is so handy to adjust settings. So, you can control the device and make it do exactly what you want.

The better deal is, if you want to ever connect it to a Delta Pro or a Max, you also get that interconnect. The connection has another benefit, it’s not actually using AC, it’s using DC and that means you’re going to get about a 10 efficiency gain when you connect that device to an Ecoflow Delta Max or Pro. So, for the first time ever, you can actually have your battery generator and your gas one connected together, and have a total power solution.

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