Tutorial EP500 Power Station

Tutorial EP500 Power Station Backup

Tutorial EP500 Power Station Backup – Bluetti delivers convenience to you with easy power access. Today we’re going to introduce the EP500. This is the versatile EP500 solar power station. It has a 2000 watts pure sine wave AC inverter and supports 600 watts max AC, 1200 watts max PV, and 1800 watt max dual recharging. Open the box, and you’ll see the following accessories AC charging, cable tv, charging cable, user manual, warranty card and QC certificate, and the EP500 power station.

Tutorial EP500 Power Station Backup

We also provide other optional accessories; generator charging cable 12 volts 30 amps, RV output cable, PO20A fusion box, D300S PV voltage, step down module, and smart home panel. There’s no need to use a bulky adapter outside the unit since it’s built into the EP500.

The charging rate can reach 600 watts using a single AC adapter. The standard PV charging cable supports up to 1200 watts of solar input. Solar panels can be connected in series and parallel. If you plan to recharge the EP500 via a gasoline generator, you’ll need a generator cable. The same as via wall outlets. These two cables can connect to the 12 volts 30 amps output.

XT60 cable connectorXT60 cable connector

Use the first cable to connect to devices with an XT60, plug or connect the second one to charge devices with an SPC-45 plug which is compatible with Anderson ports. The fusion box connects two EP500 using the box and the communication cable to reach 200 volts and 4000 watts output. This device is able to step down the voltage of solar panels to an appropriate range which is 120 volts to 550 volts, and 3000 watts output.

The Bluetti smart home panel can connect it to the EP500 and will provide a power supply when power outages occur. The EP500 is a residential power center that not only provides backup power for blackouts but also features multiple ports to run all your devices at home. You can easily lock the bottom wheels to stabilize the power station. The general power switch is on the back of the EP500. Press it each time before use, and long-press the startup button to power on.

The touchscreen is next to it, where you can configure a number of output ports, ups functionality, and more. These functions can be set up on the app as well. Download the Bluetti app and register. Scan the QR code on the back of the EP500, and add the device. You’re good to go.

EP500 Power StationEP500 Display Screen


The US version of the EP500 is the model we will be demonstrating in this article today. The EU, UK, and Australia have four 2000 watts AC outlets. You can turn on the AC output, and switch it via the touch screen at the top.

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Watch the video for further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Nn_EZvozk

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