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EcoFlow Wave PORTABLE AC 4000 BTU

EcoFlow Wave PORTABLE AC Battery Powered Air Conditioner 4000 BTU – In today’s article, I’m going to show you a brand new air conditioner that will literally blow you away. I’m not talking about this regular window air conditioner. What about a portable air conditioner you can take with you?


Now, you can certainly get one of these floor models, but these regular window air conditioners are big. They’re not going to work well in a van, and they might do an okay job in a room. But you’re never gonna be able to take camping or any place else, but what you’re looking at here is gonna change all that. This is the world’s most powerful portable air conditioner. It’s made by Ecoflow, and it’s called the Wave.

This isn’t anything like those pieces of junk you’ve seen on Facebook. It’s not a swamp cooler or uses any type of ice. This is a real air conditioner in a micro-sized package. It weighs just over 38 pounds which means that most people are going to be able to carry this anywhere they need it. You might be wondering, why do you even need a portable air conditioner? Well, many people want to use these in places like vans, and boats, or you can even use this one in a small room.


Unlike those portables that have to roll around on the floor, this one’s small enough. So, you can put it on a counter, even on the seat in your car. I’m going to show you how this unit works and its features. But the most important part of this article is a real test. We’re going to stick this thing in a super hot van, and see if it can actually cool the air. The other unique feature of this EcoFlow Wave PORTABLE AC is how you can power it.

You can plug this right into your wall outlet at 120 volts, but you can also connect it up to a battery that snaps right into the bottom of the unit. Now, fortunately, I didn’t have that battery for the test. So, I’m going to show how it works while it’s plugged into the wall.

EcoFlow Wave Specifications

Net weight38.58 lbs
Dimensions20.39 x 12.2 x 16.38 in
ConnectionWi-Fi, Bluetooth
AC input voltage115V 60Hz
AC input powerMax 700W
Add-On Battery powerMax 600W
Solar charging input11-35V Max 12A Max 200W
Car charging input12 V/24V Max 8A Max 200W
Max. cooling power600W

EcoFlow Wave Features

  • Fast cooling: With 4000BTUs, Wave can cool your tent, RV, or small to medium space in 8 minutes flat. That’s the fastest for its size.
  • Extended runtimes: Get 3hrs of cooling with the add-on battery. Extend to 8 hours with timed mode to keep you cool all night long by auto alternating between cooling and fan settings.
  • Cool your way: Use the 1008Wh Add-On Battery, DELTA Max, or DELTA Pro for an extra runtime of up to 12 hours without plugging into an AC outlet. Plug into an AC outlet for cooling without a battery.
  • Charge anywhere: Wall outlets, solar, car, or even portable power station charging mean you’ve always got cooling when you need it.

How EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner Works?

You’ve got the connection kit that’s included. You could just use this air conditioner as it is. You could stand in front of it and it would blow cold air in you, but if you’re going to use it in any type of room or vehicle, you’ve got to snap this bracket on the back. Now, you can connect those two hoses for most installations. You’re just going to let that cold air blow out the front. If you want to concentrate it or direct it somewhere specific, you can snap on this included bracket, and then you can point the air exactly where you want, even someplace like around a corner here.

EcoFlow Wave Test

I’m going to test the unit outside. it’s really hot, and I’m going to power it off of my Ecoflow Delta Pro. This is not a proprietary connection, just plugged into a regular AC outlet. I also wanted to monitor the temperature. This is a pretty extreme environment because the sun is beating right on the unit. It’s about 78 degrees out, and the sun was pretty much cooking all this stuff.

And I also wanted to see the difference in the temperature within less than five minutes. The air coming out of this thing was already 63 degrees. The sun was rising in the sky, you can see the temperature was already hitting about 81. This is a pretty hot day, and even in the direct sun, this unit was still continuing to pump out cold air. When I measured the sound on my phone, I was getting about 52 decibels.


Another pretty amazing feature is the amount of air that’s blown out of such a small unit standing about 10 feet away. I could still feel that airflow on my hand after less than 10 minutes. This thing was already putting out 59 degrees air. And I also wanted to check the exhaust temperature. So, I put the probe in the back and this thing was cooking at about 108 degrees. So, it’s really providing a lot of cold air and getting rid of the heat during the testing.

I also monitored the power consumption. This one was using about 550 watts and they rated around 600. So, you’re probably going to see variance as the unit kicks on and off. You also want to be aware that there’s a hose connection on the bottom. This is for water drainage because all air conditioners are going to remove humidity. That’s a big part of what they do, but you don’t necessarily have to connect this hose.

It’s able to kind of spit out the humidity in the exhaust of the air which means for most people, you don’t even need to connect that drain hose. If your outside humidity is higher than 70 %, you’ll want to leave that hose connected. But if it’s under that you may not even need it at all, and if you have no idea what that outside humidity is, don’t worry about it, even if you leave that hose disconnected, the unit has a sensor inside.

So, if the water level gets too high, it’ll safely shut the unit off. It’s not going to spill anything. You can connect the hose up and keep using your air conditioner. You can watch the video for the real test.

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EcoFlow Wave

EcoFlow Wave
Price: $1,499.00 $1,199.00
With 4000 BTUs, Wave can cool your tent, RV, or small to medium space in 8 minutes flat. That’s the fastest for its size.

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