Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine

Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine?

Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine? If the Ecoflow Delta can handle a full-size washing machine, normally, how this would work? You can see it out here. It’s winter and we have no real sun,  but the best way to do this would be to have your 400 watts of solar panels connected outside.

Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine?

Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine
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Dimension40 x 21 x 27 cmChemistryLithium-ion
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You’d have your MC4 cabling running through the window and would be plugged into the Ecoflow Delta. So, that you’re charging it with your solar panels while you’re using it to run the full-size washing machine here, but this is just to test to see if the EcoFlows inverter can actually handle this.

So, I’ve had it plugged into the wall here, the cord comes off the back of the unit here, that would normally plug into the wall. I’ve let it plug into the wall, and charge up, and fill up with water here. Now,  when I close the lid, it’s actually going to kick on. I’ve had it plugged in, unplugged it, and let’s see if it works with the EcoFlow Delta.

So, we’ve got 72 percent, I’m going to turn on the AC side, the light turns on, plug this in. This is all ready to go, as soon as I shut this unit. Will the inverter have to work? So, let’s see how it goes, hopefully, that’s coming through, now you can hear that. This unit is coming on 700, 900 thousand, inverters getting used to it.

Can The EcoFlow Delta Handle Washing Machine

But the EcoFlow Delta can handle a full-size washing machine, no problem. This is a demonstration to show the power of the inverter here of the EcoFlow Delta. This unit is like 30 pounds as well, so pretty cool, I’ve unplugged it from the wall, a little tide pod. I’m going to turn the unit on, we’re at 74 percent gonna go around back turn on the AC side, you can hear the fan start to kick on.

I’m going to plug this in, now for the moment of truth. So, I’ve just plugged it in and turned it on. You can see the water kicking out. At this point, the washing machine is using such little power to do that.  There’s still nothing registering. I’m going to wait until it actually starts turning and tumbling the stuff in there to see if the Ecoflow can handle it you can see 900 a thousand.

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