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River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools – I’m here to do a quick review of the EF Ecoflow River 600. It is a portable power station. I did a review on this before. I kind of meandered a little bit. This one gonna be a little bit more focused.

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

RIVER 600 And Extra Battery Bundle
River 600 Review Test on Power Tools
Capacity288Wh (28.8V)ChemistryLithium-ion
Cycle Life500 Cycles (80%+)Net Weight11lbs (5kg)
Open Full Specifications

I’m gonna test it out a little bit more than it did before. Quick features, it’s got USB-C 100 watts which is enough juice to power a MacBook Pro, or it’s currently the fastest way to recharge an iPhone is with the USB-C 100 watts. That’s pretty much as high as I think.

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

You can get it, these days a couple of the slow. I assume they’re the standard USB and then there’s a fast charge USB which is the 2.4 amp, and then on the side, it’s got 3 outlets which are rated at 600 watts. Each peak of 1800 watts, that’s just quick math. You can use all three at the same time.

Power Tools Test

Let’s give it a try, it’s got a cooling fan that should help keep things nice, and cool, keep things from melting. So, I’ve got it hooked up to a tire inflator, a drill, and a vacuum. So, one at a time, the vacuum you can see in real-time, no problems.

All right, let’s do the tire inflator. Now, let’s try the power drill. All three, I don’t want to kill this thing, I’m not going to do all three. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, for I think it’ll just trip a fuse. I don’t think it’ll blow anything up.

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

Let’s try it vacuum, okay it worked. It did seem like the drill was operating at a little bit of a slower rate as did the vacuum, when I hooked all three of them up together, nothing fried, nothing blew up, nothing got hot. Everything worked, these are pretty hydra high-powered things to hook up to a power inverter.  I’m not a power inverter, but a power bank like this.

I’ve hooked up things that are far smaller to actual power inverters, hooked up to my vehicle, and it popped fuses immediately. So, this is actually pretty impressive, that this is operating all three at the same time. I didn’t think all three would work even though it’s rated for its power inverters don’t always work for what they’re rated to.

In my experience, they pop fuses left and right, I’ve tried hooking up laptops to power inverters, and vehicles, working from the road. They don’t always work so pretty impressive. I’ve used this with a couple of MacBook pros, hooked up to it at once, several items in the USBs, and not had any issues. Everything’s been working just as it should.

River 600 Review Test on Power Tools

So, this is pretty cool, that these things are power hogs, what I’ve hooked up. So, we’re looking at um 5.2 amps for the drill. Obviously, at 110, what is this guy working at. This one is just under one amp so that one’s not huge power consumption, but this vacuum, that I keep in my garage vacuums has pretty big motors.

I don’t know if it’s got the specs on the vacuum itself, but these things use a lot of juice. It works pretty well. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s got the 288-watt hour, and then this is the additional 288 watt-hours additional battery. They screw into each other, so if you look at the bottom, let’s turn this off, look at the bottom, there are one, two, three, four screws.

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RIVER 600 Max
RIVER 600 Max
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This is a fascia that pops off the battery comes out. This fascia goes back on, you can do it in just a couple of minutes. it’s pretty quick and easy. It would be better if it were a quick release of some kind, but you know anytime, you have to bring extra tools with you. It’s just something else to forget but it works great. You can remove this cover, remove the battery, stick this cover back on this item, and then that’s how you rock with this.


The thing so pretty cool, I’m gonna be using it for camping, and for I’m a photographer, so I’ll be bringing this on the photoshoot, hooking up some strobes, just kind of recharging whatever I need.

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