Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max – Welcome to our review of the Jackery 500 versus EcoFlow River Max. So, the main difference between the two portable power stations is their battery capacity. Ecoflow River Max has more battery capacity than the Jackery 500. The river max has a battery capacity of 576 watt-hours, but only 518 watt-hours in the Jackery 500. This isn’t a big difference, but it means you can power your devices for longer using the River Max power station.

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

1. Battery capacity

It has a detachable extra battery that will provide twice the amount of battery life. This makes it very versatile since you can detach the added battery to make it a standard river power station making it more portable. However, Jackery 500 has a battery capacity of 518 watt-hours, which it gets from its 21.6 volts and 24 amp battery. This means it will have enough power to power up most of your small devices and electrical appliances for a while.

2. Power output

River Max has a higher AC power output than Jackery 500. The power output will show you how much power you’re getting from the AC outlets on your power station. The River Max has a 600 watts continuous output which is 100 watts more than the Jackery 500 produces. The difference isn’t that huge, but it’s useful to have the extra 100 watts when you want to power multiple devices at once.  With the extra 100 watts, River Max can power 6 devices while Jackery 500 will only power 5 devices with its 500 watts power output. However, the 600/500 watts output is enough to power your phone, laptop, small kitchen appliances, tv, CPAP machines, and more.

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River MaxJackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

3. Ports

The River Max power station has more ports than Jackery 500. The River Max has a total of 10 output ports with 4 being USB ports and 3 AC ports. However, Jackery 500 doesn’t have any USB-c ports and has only 1 AC port. River max has 3 AC ports, 1 USB-a fast-charge port, 2 USB-a ports, 2 DC Ports, 1 USB-c port, and 1 car port. The Jackery 500 has 1 AC port, 2 DC Ports, 3 USB-a ports, and 1 car port.

4. Versatility

The River Max comes with a removable battery that Jackery 500 doesn’t have. River Max is a very versatile power station with an additional battery that you can detach to provide more power to power up more devices for even longer. Since the extra battery adds more weight to the power station, you can remove it to make it more portable. You can also keep the extra battery charged, in case you need to recharge the battery or during a power outage. Ecoflow sells the extra batteries which makes them readily available and easily attached at the base. However, Jackery 500 doesn’t come with an extra battery to boost its power output,

5. Charging time

River max takes less time to fully recharge than Jackery 500. The River Max power station uses the X-Stream technology that eliminated bulky adapters, and with the help of the built-in smart inverter, it will deliver a faster recharging speed than the Jackery 500. It can fully recharge in 1.6 hours, on the other hand, the Jackery 500 takes around 7 to 8 hours to fully recharge. Charging River Max using an AC wall outlet will take 1.6 hours to fully charge, 3 to 6 hours using a solar panel, and 6.5 hours using a car charger. Jackery 500 will take 7.5 hours to fully recharge using an AC wall outlet, 9.5 hours using a solar panel, and 7.5 hours using a car charger.

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River MaxJackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max


River Max has more ports and outlets than Jackery 500, and it has significantly less recharging time plus. It has a bigger battery capacity. This makes it more flexible for the outdoors. Similarities, both the River Max and Jackery 500 use regulated 12 volts ports that you can use to connect your fridge, or CPAP machine safely. You can also use a wall and car charger to recharge both power stations, but the river max charges much faster. You can use them while they’re charging which is better. The River Max power station is better because it has a bigger battery capacity, more ports, and outlets. And it recharges faster than the Jackery 500.

Jackery 500 vs Ecoflow River Max

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