Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE

Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE

Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE – This is the EcoFlow 160 watt portable solar panel. EcoFlow 160 watts comes with a nice carry bag. There’s a velcro hand grip and two zippers. It’s got a solid feel to it. It says monocrystal silicon, it’s got MC4 connectors.

Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE

Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE

The panel seems very high quality. One of the main reasons I bought this, is because it’s 160 watts and it’s only a little bit more expensive than the Jackery 100. This EcoFlow panel is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a little rain, shower, ruining your panel. I like the solar panel so much that I bought their EcoFlow pro battery unit.

EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel

EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel
EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel
Price: $449.00
The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel is portable, foldable, and compact, weighing just 15.4lbs / 7kg. From camping to outdoor activities, unfold the solar panel and start capturing solar power in seconds.

Solar Panel Setup

I’m gonna connect the included cable uses the industry standard, MC4 connectors on the side access panel. You connect the solar panel cable, the carry bag can be turned into a stand, and there are two little C clamps, and you connect them to the solar panel holes, and you swing it up, and it holds the solar panel in place.

I just plugged in the solar panel, showing 122 watts of input power. EcoFlow has an app that you can connect to the battery unit, and it shows you the status of the unit. Right now, it’s 122 watts input power. There’s a whole bunch of different stuff, you can do with the app to keep an eye on everything. I just plugged the battery unit into this 210-watt roof mount type solar panel.

So, we can compare and it’s showing input of 166 watts. I hooked it back up to the EcoFlow panel, and it’s been about an hour and a half, and it’s now fully charged. It went from 85 percent to 100 in an hour and a half. I bought this adapter cable. It goes from MC4 to Anderson jack.

Solar Panel Comparison

Now, I’ll plug it into my Jackery 1000, showing a max of 110 watts input power. You never get the full wattage of what it’s stated. This is a 160-watt panel, so 110 watts is actually really good for instance. The Jackery 100 watt solar panel, all the reviews I’ve read showed that the actual output is around 70 watts.  Okay, it’s been an hour and a half, it’s gone from 80 percent to 96 still showing about 108 watts input power.

And I’m going to plug it into this 210-watt solar panel, so we can compare. Okay, I’ve just plugged it into the 210-watt panel. I’m showing 112, 113 watts. So, this roof mounts 210-watt solar panel puts out about the exact same amount as the 160-watt EcoFlow.

Waterproof SOLAR PANEL 160 Watt FOLDABLE

Final Verdict

So, if you have one of these battery-powered generators, definitely recommend getting something like this, EcoFlow panel. It’s very rugged, it’s made to be moved around. You can fold it up, and travel with it easily.

And a solar panel like this roof mount panel, it’s gigantic, it’s not easy to move around, and it’s actually kind of fragile. You’ll notice on the underside, it’s just really thin. If something hits this, it could break it pretty easily.

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