Using EcoFlow DELTA to run refrigerator

Using EcoFlow DELTA To Run Home Appliances

Using EcoFlow DELTA to run home appliances – Today, I have the EcoFlow delta 1300, had this baby for about a year. Now, I haven’t really used it a lot. Today, I’m gonna test if it could work my refrigerator, my microwave, and my coffee maker at the same time.

Using EcoFlow DELTA To Run Home Appliances

Using EcoFlow DELTA to run home appliances
Capacity1260Wh/1800 WChemistryLithium-ion
Shelf Life1 yearLife Span800 Cycles (80%)
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I got all three wires plugged in the back right here, and there’s a button back here that turns on the inverter. I don’t know if you can see it. So, let me turn it on, and see what comes on. As you can see, it’s not drawing any power right now, also there’s no light in the refrigerator. So, you know it’s off. I’m gonna press the button back in the back, and see what comes on.

Using EcoFlow DELTA to run refrigerator

Testing 3 Appliances; Microwave Coffee Maker, And The Fridge

Okay, I’m pressing it, well the microwave came on, as you can see, it instantly started pulling like 900 watts right there, and it says one hour of use. If I have all these three things plugged in, so all right, I’m gonna open this up, put some water in the microwave. As you can see, check the fridge, there’s a light in the fridge. So, the fridge is on.

All right, power on the coffee maker, so we could heat up the water. Okay, the coffee maker is on. You can hear that heated up the water for 30 seconds on this. They’re both working. All three of them are working at the same time. It’s pulling 1500 watts, this should go to 2001, overload. So, I guess you can’t run all three.  It tripped out. The inverter in the back everything is off now. The fridge is off.

Testing 2 Appliances; Microwave And Refrigerator

Okay, let’s only try two of them at a time. I’m gonna turn it back on again, one more time, press the button in the back. So, try the microwave again, I’m not going to turn the coffee maker on, the microwave comes on 30 seconds on. A microwave 1500 watts. It’s running with the refrigerator at the same time, fans kicked on.

You can hear them getting pretty loud. It’s around 1500. Let me see if it’s gonna overload again, okay we got 12 seconds left, nine, eight, seven, six. It’s doing well, it’s not overloading. Okay, there you go guys,  you could actually run the microwave, fans kicked off. You could actually run the microwave and a full-size refrigerator at the same time. The fridge is still on, water is hot.

Testing 2 Appliances; Coffee Maker And Refrigerator

Let’s see, if we can run the coffee maker and the refrigerator at the same time. This is just drawing minimal power, right now, just to keep this the display on. So, let me turn this on, and see what happens, water is heating up. Let’s see what’s going on up here, fans kicked on again 1550 watts. Let’s see if that’ll kick it off, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Using EcoFlow DELTA to run refrigerator

Let’s see, if I could sustain it. It says 42 minutes, it could run it for. It says this one, 93 of the supplies been used, so you see the fans kicked on here. The fans at the side kicking. All right, the refrigerator still running. Water is heated up, ready to make my coffee. Press this button, let’s see what happens, as you can see, the water heated up and the boat, the wattage dropped.

It only takes a lot of power to heat the water up. Now, it’s back up to 1500, because it’s pumping out the coffee right now, now it’s going down because it’s almost done. Fans have kicked off 129 watts.

Final Words

So, there you go guys, Ecoflow done it again. You just can’t run all three at the same time. This is full-size home appliances; coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator running at the same time. Water reheating, the fridge is still working, that’s pretty sweet. That’s pretty nice.

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