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EcoFlow DELTA Max Power

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac – This is Ecoflow’s, expandable and portable home battery, Delta max. It is a 2016 watt-hour beast, to put that in perspective, Ecoflow says it can charge an iPhone 12,200 times. When I plug in my entire standing desk to Delta max, it can power my workstation for five hours which has a mac pro with XDR screen, two sets of speakers chargers, lights, and more connected to it.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac

This thing is so powerful that it can run my ancient ac for two hours. It can even charge a 75 kilowatt-hour Tesla while it can charge 2.5 but it still can. Delta max is packed with smart features. It is expandable, you can link up to three Delta Max together to have 6048 watt-hour power. When it is connected to a standard 18 watt-hour AC, it can charge from 0 to 80% in 65 minutes, but if you combine that with solar power, you get 2,600 watts dual charging, and charge Delta Max even faster. It can also be combined with a smart generator. So, it can turn on the generator.

Delta Max Overview

If it’s running out of power, you can control it with its app, and if the device is connected to wi-fi, you can control it from wherever you are. So, in time, you can turn this modular design into your home solar power solution, and still grab Delta Max, and go when needed.

So, I guess the question is, can I edit a video entirely powered by EcoFlow Delta Max. So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to use my M1 iMac, and of course, microphone from epos b20 microphone from e-pass, and all thunderbolt dock, and I guess, I’m gonna need more stuff. Because I don’t just use the computer itself while I’m editing the video, maybe I’ll charge my phone for fun, and see if I can finish editing the video completely powered by Delta Max.

Delta max comes in this box, inside the box we’re greeted with Delta Max, some instructions about how to connect it to a solar panel that doesn’t have the MC4 connector, a user manual, a QR code to claim the 24 months warranty, Ecoflow car charging cable with cigarette plug, and XT60 connector, Ecoflow mc4 to xt60 solar cable, a plug that helps the ground the Delta Max when charging a Tesla, DC5521 to DC5525 cable, AC charging cable, and that’s pretty much it.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMacEcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac

At the front, we have a big display that lets us see what’s going on. You can see the remaining charge time, discharge time, remaining battery percentage, input-output power, temperature warnings, which ports are being used, and more. Underneath that, we have the IoT button for connection, and then we have two USB-a, two USB-a fast charges, two USB-c, a hundred-watt output ports USB, power button to turn these on and off.

You wanna keep this off if you’re not using this. So, it doesn’t drain the battery. And underneath that, we have the main power button, at the back, we have the charging inputs solar/car charging, input AC charge speed which is very important. We will talk about that later AC charge port, and overload protection switch beneath that. We have six pure sinewave ac output sockets, and they’re on and off switch. And underneath that, we have the DC5521, and car outlet, and their on/off switch which is on this side over here. On the right side, we have a ventilation fan and extra battery ports. And on the left side, we have the ventilation fan.

In my tests, Delta Max was able to charge from one percent to full in only 94 minutes. The app is very simple and easy to use, and the best thing about this app is once you set your profile if you grab another iPhone, and log in to your profile, which I by the way create my profile with the apple login, so I can use the apple login on another iPhone, and as soon as I log in, I see my devices here. As you can see, I connected to the power and instantly, we’re seeing the AC changing here, and the input is rising, and on the output, we see how it is charging stuff.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMacEcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac

And we can turn on the AC outlets, or the 12 watt DC, or the USB ports. I connected RXO Mark II to USB-a, a fast USB-a port, and here we can see that it started charging it. So, we’re seeing the input power, and output power at the same time. Now, let’s go into settings, in the settings, we can rename our device. I’m not going to change my name, and then we can change the discharge and charge level. This is something you may want to do to keep the health of the battery. So, the battery lasts longer, and then you can change the AC charge speed, and this is very important.

In this house for example, when two ACs are ON, if we connect the Delta Max, and set it to charge with its full power then the fuses may go off, and you can change your car input amperage, you can turn on and off the beep. And then if it is connected to a smart generator, you can decide when the smart generator turns on and starts helping Delta Max. You can change the unit timeout, screen timeout, and of course AC timeout. You can update the firmware. You can go to the help center and get some support, and then we have the whole specifications of the device.

Powering Setup

So, here’s the setup. This is right now connected to power, and it’s charging up. And I think, it’s done charging, yes it is, and what we’re going to connect is, the epos b20 microphone for voiceover, and of course, our memory card readers, the thunderbolt dock, and then we’re gonna have a mouse, an M2 external drive, and then iMac itself. And I’m also gonna use one of the iPhones to screen record the entire thing regarding this Delta Max.

So, we see how the battery is gonna hold up, and that’s going to be pretty much it. And as soon as I unplug this that’s going to be just all right. Now, let’s turn on the AC power, and the USB power. This thing immediately turned on, and now I’m going to turn on the iMac. I don’t think this challenge is very well thought, I think this is going to be pretty simple because we have a lot of time to finish the task for 34 hours. Let’s see what happens when everything is in use. Okay, importing files, my iPhone 12 mini is running out of battery too. So, let’s start charging that as well 21 – 22 hours I think.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Power iMac – So, it’s almost been 40 minutes since I started editing the video, and it’s going well, no problem with the editing while it’s charging my iPhone 12 mini. I think it’s almost 80 percent, and then this one is taking a screen capture, 98% battery remaining. Okay, right now, it’s 9.39, we have 93 percent battery remaining, and I’m gonna go and eat now, and then I’ll be back, and I’m not gonna turn off anything.  Okay, so I’ve been editing since 8 and right now it is 12, and basically, the video is ready. And then we have 21 hours, and just keeps going back and forward. But almost 22 hours battery lift this. This is amazing.

Final Words

In the end, Delta Max can be a great investment for your power needs as for me. This device is going to be fantastic UPS for my main computer and a trusted power source for the next outdoors project. And because of its versatile design, I can get the solar panels and extra batteries, and turn my place into a miniature apple park.

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