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Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review Long-Term Test

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review Long-Term Test – I like to do DIY projects that are renewable energy and energy-efficient. In this article, I’m reviewing this Bluetti 240 from MaxOak. It has a 2.4 kilowatt-hours battery. It’s a rather heavy unit but easy enough to pick up. If you’re just doing something like car camping, or driving up to the weekend cabin, or maybe even hashtag van life, I think those are some of the applications. This is well suited for.

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review

I’ve been testing this unit for the last three months, and I am really impressed with it. I’m going to be showing you all the test rigs that I had. It hooked up to in this article including a capacity test. But one of my favorite test rigs was hooking it up to the chest freezer turned refrigerator. I had it hooked up with one solar panel connected to the fridge for over a month straight.

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review Setup

1. First Setup

I never touched, it never moved, and it just kept on going, kept powering the chest freezer. Never let me down. Here’s the little temperature sensor, this mechanical thermostat is just turned all the way up, and then the temperature sensor runs down the side to this controller. So, let’s go ahead and plug this in and see if it works.

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor


So, the first thing we’ll do is turn this ON. So, the AC port should be ON, and 110 volts. Let’s go ahead,  and plug this in. You heard the relay click first, and that was the relay for this, and then the compressor kicked on, and then the fan of the portable power station kicked on. We’re at 0.94 for the power factor. So, a little over 200 watts.

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review

2. Next-Day Setup

It’s the next day. This has been set up here with the solar panel, and the little power station for the last 25 hours. So, let’s check, 637 watt-hours, see, there we go, still keeping the drinks cold. It’s been exactly 48 hours of power. This chest freezer turned refrigerator using the solar panel, and this little portable power station from Bluetti.

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review

And we’re just over a kilowatt-hour, 1.037 kilowatt-hours, and it has not shut off. It’s been running both nights. It’s been set up like this. The first day, I did move the solar panel in the afternoon to catch some afternoon sunlight, and then realized the next day that I didn’t need to do that. There was still plenty of battery life.

Yesterday, I just left it set up like this. It’s been working really well. So, this is actually really great, the battery could last three and a half days with no sun. The solar panel can recharge the battery in one day. It keeps that powered, I think this is actually pretty viable if your loads are really small, like just having a single fridge, or freezer, a few lights, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own system.  You really could just buy this.

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Overview

On the front of the unit is a barrel plug for the DC input. This is the same input you would use if this was plugged into a wall charger that comes with it or the leads with the MC4 connectors plugged into solar panels. They both go into this same one. Now, the MPPT charge controller built into this unit, can take up to 500 watts of solar panels.

I think that’s well suited because, in one day of sunshine, you can fully charge the battery from dead to 100. I’m actually impressed with how they match the components being the inverter, the MPP solar charge controller, and the battery pack. You also have a couple of USB ports and the adapter port which I traditionally have called the cigarette lighter in cars, but is now the accessory port.

Right on the back of the unit is a fan, and two AC outlets. Now, the total inverter on this is 1000 watts, so you’re still not going to be able to power big heavy-duty things, like tools, but you can charge your portable power tools off of this.

EB240 Front ViewEB240 Back View

Bluetti EB240

Bluetti EB240 2400Wh
Bluetti EB240 2400Wh
Price: $1,599.00
Big enough to power your home circuits, yet portable enough to take with you on the go. The Bluetti EB240 is a necessity when you have to confront serious energy shortage circumstances.

Bluetti And Pump Water Testing

The pool has two pumps on it, one to pump water to the solar thermal, and one to pump water through the filter. Both pumps are now plugged into the backside of this Bluetti. Now, I’m going to turn it ON. So, 115 watts for both pumps running, and you can see we’re about half, 50, or so on the bars.

Now, I’m plugging in the solar panel. These are with MC4 connections, and a fan kicked on that. We have 238 watts going in and 113 watts coming out. So, we are both charging and discharging at the same time. I am impressed with it. I was really worried that at some point, it might overheat because we had several days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it was out there in the hot sun. But, it just kept ongoing. It didn’t overload, it didn’t shut itself down.

Pump Water TestInput Output

Today, I want to hook up a solar panel to this and measure how many watt-hours go in with the solar to recharge the battery, to try to find out how efficient the MPPT is. Yesterday, I had this dead and it turned itself off. I just plugged in light into the back of the unit there, and we will double-check that.

Final Words

Maxoak Bluetti 240 Review – Bottom line, I think this is a well-put-together package with well-matched components, and I’m actually impressed with it. For the full review, you can watch the video above.

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